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Conn3x wants to become the leading company in the job marketplace. The innovation that Conn3x presents is that it will use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence systems. The company claims to have improved the payment and search processes.

With blockchain technology Conn3x is working to solve another important problem that job sites can’t improve, and it is the fact that with blockchain technology the security is improved. While normal job market websites tend to have attacks to steal the information of those who use it, with blockchain technology this problem is solved.

Conn3x Logo

Conn3x Logo

Problems and Solutions

One of the main problems is that applications spends a lot of time to find suitable vacancies on various job exchange platforms. At the same time, applicants have to invest a lot of time and effort to prepare application documents.

Furthermore, if companies expected other competences, and he cannot meet the requirements, the employment relationship suffers and affects the employer references. This reduces the possibilities of being hired for other projects or companies.

The solution that Conn3x presents aims to solve these problems with blockchain and AI, the platform provides authenticity, quality and anonymity. For example, with their own profile setting, candidates can decide which employer they do not want to be found or addressed.

Furthermore, with Smart Contracts, Conn3x is able to mediate successfully and cost-neutral a project or a vacancy and to charge 50% of the prices of the usual head-hunter.

Additionally, Conn3x offers a reward program. Both parties, a company and an applicant, will be rewarded with Conn3x coins. They will receive these tokens if they:

  • Make a statement of truth
  • Organise the profile as detailed as possible
  • Constantly update their profile
  • Pass on the evaluation of their current employer to provide new candidates an optimal estimation
  • Successfully accepting a job
  • Successfully mediating a job

At the same time, Conn3x offers a coin that provides transaction securities, faster international processing payments, automated payment transactions with smart contracts, simple and fast interface for FIAT currency exchange.


Both the white paper and the website have a roadmap in which the company explains how the they are going to develop their products in the next months and years.

Until August 2018 they have a clear working stages in which they explain how they will keep moving forward. Every month there are different updates and developments that are worth to follow and that will give an idea about how the company is evolving.

Since August 2018, the information about the developments is less precise. They propose some time frames in which some products and services will be developed. It is a good roadmap but it leaves us with some doubts about what the months in which some developments would be ready.

As already described on the website under Team in the whitepaper, Conn3x are decentralized and open source and follow the approach of Verge (XVG) that contributors can and should participate according to the ICO!
That’s why the ICO team didn’t write the roadmap in details after August 2018 but in stages what the Conn3x ecosystem should become. Because any contributor can work on it.

Token Distribution and Budget Allocation

100.000.000 ICO
  50.000.000 Affiliate , Bounty, Airdrop
350.000.000 For Miners, Staking, Masternodes

The company does not provide a clear token distribution graphic. It is  clear how the company will use the funds or how they are planning to distribute the tokens.

Revenue distribution:
Community (Affiliate Programm Reward Pool) – 25%
Development – 30%
Legal – 5%
Maintenance and Support – 2%
Marketing – 33%
Investors – 5%


Should I Invest in Conn3x?

Here we will make a review of the team, the white paper, the business, website and the token. After it, we will be able to decide whether investing in this ICO is a good decision or not.

  • Team

Conn3x has a team of experts and specialists in IT, Recruiting, Mining, AI programming, Human Resources, Marketing, Human Resources and others.

  • Priti U. is a full-blooded blockchain entrepreneur and has a lot of experience in the field besides her own projects and ICos. She has successfully contributed to Stellaris.ai. More details can be found on her LinkedIN profile.
  • Zdravko A. is a full stack developer and AI specialist on blockchain basis. His references are:
    https://en.worldwifi.io/ (DAPP for ICO)

    https://populous.co (Crypto Invoice Platform)

    Zdravko A. is a full stack developer and AI specialist on blockchain basis. His references are:
    https://en.worldwifi.io/ (DAPP for ICO)
    https://populous.co (Crypto Invoice Platform)
  • Tim B.has already successfully accompanied several Ico s as an advisor and works mainly in the following areas
    As a social media consultant. His references include: zeusshield.io and moonlite.io.
  • Frank H. is a blockchain developer and provider of ideas for the decentralized, anonymous network and the ICO open source approach.
  • John L. is internationally networked with press contacts and media and uses these opportunities to support projects.
  • Jessielyn A. is specialized in community building and has already proven her skills in community building. hurify.io ICO proved.
  • Nikhil S. is responsible for the Bounty and Bitcoin Community.
    He accompanied Morpheus.network.
  • Julia S. is a web designer and Frostend developer and will design the Conn3x platform as soon as the Ico is around.
  • Konstantin T. is a developer and will create the database.
    He is newcomer in AI but professional in database.
  • Vincent H. Is a blockchain and software developer and is employed by the Platform
    Creation to take an advisor role.
Conn3x follows a decentralized, anonymous and open source strategy, which can best be recognized by the example of Verge. That’s why Conn3x chosed the X11 algorithm for our coin, which comes soon.
These two elements are extremely important to understand that the Conn3x concept and its team consists of many team partners, but above all contributers who do not want to be named.
Conn3X Team

Conn3x Team

  • White Paper

One of the most important aspects of the ICO is the white paper. This white paper does not seem to be very professional. It is not complete, they put the attention in minor things and there’s a lack of information that is a must.

The colours and the structure is a mess. It is not very friendly for the reader and the investor.

  • Business

The company is trying to solve a problem that affects the job marketplace, but it is not clear how hey want to address all these things. They explain that they want to do it with AI and and Blockchain Technology, but they not explain the mechanism about how to face these challenges. It would be important for conn3x to modify that and properly explain that.

  • Website

The website seems better than the white paper but compared to other ICOs that we have previously reviewed it needs to be modified. It has little information about some key points about the ICO. For example, what about the token distribution and budget allocation?

It can include some more information about the team and explain how the ICO works in general. The video feature in the website is confusing and does not explain how the company wants to change the job marketplace.

  • Token Evaluation

The token is known as Conn3x (C3X) and uses an X11 PoW/PoS algorithm. There is a total supply of 500,000,000. The ICO will receive 70,000,000 and 30,000,000 will be used for the Pre-Sale. That means that there will only be 1/5 of the tokens for the public.

In order to run a masternode, 100,000 C3X are required. They get paid 80% of the block rewards.


The ICO may have really good intentions to solve the problems that affect the job marketplace. But the ICO seems very confusing and un-professional. It is important to give a good impression for investors.

They need to modify the white paper, explain better how they will use the funds gathered, how they are thinking to increase the value of the tokens and more. Moreover, there is no clear information about the team or specific information about the roadmap.

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