ICO regulation is all over the place.

Some governments have conservative regulations. Others are supporting, Most, have none. Scams and large-scale theft of funds further worsens the situation for all involved.  

Fortunately, when governments are slow, businesses step up to provide a solution.

On January 10th, Finance Magnates announced that sixteen blockchain-based companies started an initiative for ICO Transparency. The companies set out to provide information directly to contributors about their structure, management and finances.

Since November 2017, Cointed had been working on their Transparency Report together with 21 Group. The aim of this report to give detailed information about Cointed’s partnerships and deals, and lay out their strategic plan. As well as that, you can find  some of the company’s documentation  like invoices and contractual agreements.

It’s a good thing the industry is catching up to Cointed’s commitment to transparency! 


Transparency and accountability are crucial when  people’s funds are pledged to a project. Even more so when it comes to ICOs  where the governing laws are still uncertain or missing. Cointed’s team wants their products to succeed in making the everyday use of crypto easier and more enjoyable. They are aware that when your money is involved, safety and security matter the most.

Some of the topics

Everything about the company structure and ownership is there. Each of the new strategic business units (SBUs) that Cointed will operate is presented in detail. The team strove to address all of the considerations that have been shared by members of the community.

The ATM business of the company is covered extensively. You can find details about why the company change their supplier and develop a new model in-house. Attached there is the respective documentation.

For those interested in green mining – the specs of some of the new GPUs are in the report! Together with that you can find the orders, agreements and other documents regarding the partnership Nvidia.

Details about Payco and the crypto card are also provided. Just a reminder, what happened between WaveCrest and VISA will not affect Cointed clients.  

On top of that, the team have prepared exciting new things to get you engaged more in running the company!

Stay tuned!


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