The team decided to increase the benefits that the Cointed token offers. The discounts tokens provide are higher than before. As well as that the team is setting up a voting platform for its contributors that will be live some time after ICO ends.

Although most of the benefits come in the form of reduced fees, the company also offers a range of exclusive deals and products only for token holders!

Want to know more about the voting platform? Then check out this article, where we discuss it in detail.

Now, back to the other token benefits.


CTD holders will have the option to lower their transaction fees on all ATMs. Cointed’s crypto ATMs have a fee ranging from 2% to 4%. But if you to pay with CTD tokens you get 60% off!

Contributors also get a 15% discount when buying an ATM machine.

The neat part? You can get the Cointed ATM machine customized! Both the machine aspects and the software can be tailored to match the specific needs of the client.

Green Mining

Token holders can pay 1,000 CTD and get 10% off the hosting fee for 10 months. A bit of fast math and that means 4% more profit each week.

Again, there is 15% off on the hardware.

Now, let us make room for the ultimate benefit – access to exclusive mining hardware and software. Contributors to the ICO Campaign can purchase mining rigs with 25% increased performance! These rigs are exclusively for token holders.

As well as that they can license the propriety Cointed BIOs that has been specifically developed for mining and for the GPU cards the company uses.

Online Exchange

With the CTD token day trading is a breeze! Everyone who has ever tried to make some cash on the daily swings of the market knows that trading fees can quickly eat up a lot of your profit.

The trading fees on Cointed’s exchange ranges from 0.2% to 1.5%. Using CTD tokens as a payment you get 60% lower fees. The same way the BNB token works on Binance.

Although the Cointed exchange is more limited than Binance, the CTD tokens provides 10% higher discount.

Crypto Card

The Cointed Crypto Card has a transaction fee of 2.5%. Yet, token holders can make payments only for 1.5%. Maybe getting coffee with ETH will become a thing?


PayCo is Cointed’s payment processing interface. Partners using the system who contributed to the ICO can lower their transaction fee of 1%-2% by 20%. This makes it an ideal solution for micropayments like buying a bagel from the local bakery.

Since percentages are boring. Cointed added a profit share scheme. If a PayCo client starts accepting CTD tokens at their store, they will get back 5% of the total fees!

As always there is 15% off on the hardware and it can be customized.

Online Shop

CTD token holders get 10% off on all merchandise from the Cointed store.

This article is only a brief overview. Make sure to read the updated version of the whitepaper to get all the details and terms that apply.

Wrapping it up

Cointed are surely sticking to their motto to bring crypto a step closer to mass adoption. The higher discounts matter a lot for anyone planning to trade or pay with crypto. When it comes to business clients for them having a product tailored to your company’s needs matters a lot.

The voting platform is a huge step not only for Cointed but for the whole crypto industry! It will provide next level community engagement and transparency! Two things we desperately need right now in crypto.

Do not forget you have only until February 28, 2018 to contribute!

Make sure to check out their update whitepaper and join the talk at Telegram!

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