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Cointed believe that an open dialog with their community is the key to success. This is why shortly after the ICO  they are setting are voting platform.

The aim of this platform is to ensure that Cointed’s strategic plan always matches the needs of their clients.

You choose the way!

The voting platform will give contributors a direct way to make proposals about the future actions of the company. Some of the proposals contributors can make are:.


  • Which coin to list next?
  • Which coin deserves a fee exemption?


  • Which coin to mine?


  • New locations for ATMs?
  • Which currencies?

Cointed Debit card

  • Which coin?

How does it work?

The voting platform would only be accessible to those who participated in the Cointed ICO. Due to law regulation only users who have tier 2 verification (KYC) can get on the platform.

Registered contributors can make proposals. Each proposal costs a minimum of 100CTD. Why do you have to pay? The team researches the feasibility of each proposal.  A portion of the 100 CTD will cover the costs to  research the proposals feasibility and the rest will go towards the maintaining of the platform.

Once the team accepts a proposal it goes to a community voting. The vote costs 10 CTD tokens that will be burned.

Why burning the tokens?

The value of each CTD is: market cap of Cointed divided by the number of tokens. If we did not burn the tokens, then when voting you will be giving us back a portion of your holdings, which is not what we want! Burning the tokens reduces the total supply. The less tokens there are, the higher their value.

Just like with stocks, the more token you hold the more influence their vote has.

1+ 1
1k+ 2
10k+ 3
100k+ 4
1 MIO+ 5


Do not miss out on the opportunity to be part of developing Cointed’s strategic plan! Make your voice heard and get the benefits you want from your CTD token!

Not a contributor? You still have a chance to become part of the future of money!




Total: 2, Ø: 5
iporn xxx
arab xxnx

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