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This article aims to give information about the results of the Cointed ICO Presale as well as define some aspects that the company will strive to develop in the future.

Cointed’s ICO Presale started on October 20, 2017 and lasted until November 20,2017. For that period more than 3500 ETH were raised from more than 300 unique investors. Seeing the results of this 30-day campaign, the outlook for the actual ICO is positive.

The hopes for the ICO campaign that started on November 19,2017 and would last until February 28,2018 are to raise enough to carry on with Cointed’s plan for international expansion.

Use of Funds

As said in the whitepaper, Cointed is already a fast growing company with numerous assets and people behind it. The ICO funds would be only used for expanding the business as Cointed want to utilizing all present opportunities for growth.

Most of the funds (60%) would be used to expand the company’s work force – 25 new in-house developers as well as non-technical professionals (lawyers, finance and etc). The remaining (40%) would serve to cover marketing costs and licensing.

Until now, for hiring and headhunting talent the company used their own funds. The funds from the ICO and Presale  will  accelerate the process of hiring the talented people they need faster. This is crucial for their plans as fin-tech solutions’ success depends on two major factors – financial feasibility and technical capacity.

More finance and business professionals would allow Cointed create relevant products that are effective and cheap. A larger development team would reduce deployment time of products and ensure high-technical capability.

Always pushing further

Cointed’s vision is oriented towards constant development and they are always seeking for ways to improve. For the ICO they have allocated more people into community management, to address  questions from contributors and clients quickly. 

What’s next?

Currently, there are no factors that require a change of the initial plan laid out in the whitepaper. Cointed’s next steps for the the remainder of Q4/2017 would revolve around acquisition of more GPUs for their green mining facility, new Bitcoin ATM locations and delivering the first Crypto Cards to their clients.

The process of acquiring a banking license is going smoothly, and the company hope to soon update have news in that direction. Their custom-made GPUs in collaboration with Nvidia and Zotac are coming out strong and new rigs are assembled constantly. The team is impatient to show their improved performance rigs that would be exclusively for CTD token holders!

The development and deployment of PayCo is going according to schedule and it would be launching soon. As well as that they are laying the foundation for the international expansion in terms of acquiring licenses and establishing partnerships.

The Cointed team is deeply thankful for all contributions and support! Their aim is not only to have a successful business model, but also a lively community.  The team welcomes feedback. Their only appeal: think  independently and if in doubt, simply ask. Many are putting considerable effort to community management because establishing an open dialog is a priority.

The Cointed Token (CTD) will provide you with a number of exclusive deals:

  • Discounts on ATM fees, software licensing as well as exchange
  • 10% off all products and merchandise
  • Mining: 15% discount on rigs and 5% hosting fees
  • Access to GPUs with 25% increased performance and inhouse BIOs
  • Discounts on crypto cards
  • PayCo discounts: 15% POS and 20% lower fees

Interested? Check us out at: www.cointedtoken.com

You can also ask questions through or give feedback on our social media profiles.



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