The Cointed ICO campaign started on November 20, 2017 (00:00 CET) and will last until February 28 2018 (23:59 CET). Its aim was to finance the company’s international expansion.

About Cointed

Cointed is an established company on the European market operating since 2015. They have four separate businesses: crypto ATMs, online exchange, payment solutions and green mining.

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Why did Cointed to an ICO?

Sticking to the initial plan Cointed will be using the larger portion of the funds to set up their new subsidiaries and new headquarters.

The company is quite successful in Europe, however, the team have set their eyes on the Asian market.  This is why Cointed are moving their headquarters to Hong Kong. This will provide them with an upper hand when acquiring local licenses and attracting customers.

As well as that they will open new strategic business units in places with high growth potential like Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Hungary.

Part of the ICO funds will be used to increase the capacity of the mining facility from as currently all 50k GPUs are sold out for the upcoming months. The other focus is the finalization and larger scale production of the Cointed Crypto ATM model X that is soon to become operational at locations in Turkey and China.

The rest of the funds will go to increasing the company’s manpower.

Excitement building up for the ICO End

The team are absolutely thrilled by how many people have showed interest in the project. They got numerous independent reviews in the form of vlogs, posts and articles for all of which they are deeply thankful.  The Telegram group is on fire as well as the forums.

Only on youtube alone they got 10 different reviews!

The most exciting review features an in-depth analysis and a discussion with Jimmy Aho the COO of Cointed who will be managing the new Hong Kong HQ.

Stepping up the information game

With the rise of scam projects transparency and accountability are becoming top priorities in the field of ICOs. To have a transparency report was a direct result of the community asking for something similar. Cointed worked together with Deloitte Austria on the report so the highest standards in financial reporting are met.

Most importantly their transparency report contains invoices, contracts and other documentation surrounding the company’s endeavours.

Too lazy to go through the whole thing? No worries, there are overviews: Part 1 Company Structure and Part 2 Products and Services.  

Let’s talk money

As of the moment of writing the ICO has gathered around 4,2 million euro from hundreds of unique investors, spanning a dozen countries!

For those of you who do market cap analysis, do not let the high supply scare you. Cointed did that to ensure there will be enough CTD tokens to meet demand. All unbought tokens will be burned!

So, once the burn happens expect a rise in value.

More benefits!

If you contributed early, this will come as a great surprise! Cointed decided to increase the discounts that the CTD token will give and implement a voting platform.

Contributors will be able to make proposals like which new cryptocurrency to list on the exchange. The rest of the community will be able to vote on them. Once a decision is reached the Cointed team will start working on its implementation.

Check out this piece to learn more.

Do not miss out!

Cointed ICO will be live only 15 days more until February 28th, 2018 at 23:59 CET! Hundreds of people are already in and the capital raised is more than enough to jump start the company’s plan.

But most of all in the field of ICOs empty projects with high claims are abundant. Cointed are among the very few that are NOT a project but a FUNCTIONING and already profitable business.

So, read up and jump in the future of money!



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