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This week from Dec 07  to Dec 14 Cointed held a crypto debit card giveaway. All contributors to the ICO in the timeframe from 07-14. Dec with a synced email address were eligible for the giveaway.

How were the winners chosen?

The team looked at all those who contributed during the given timeframe and summed up all their investments. Then let the random number generator to decide.One contributor was excluded because there was no email address assigned and informing them would be impossible.

The winners

Cointed are pleased to announce the addresses of the five lucky winners! Expect an email soon to clarify delivery!:

  1. 0x71ce7e56c986c3508fd0c0cb5c09aa7c2d3d0b91

  2. 0xd33d201fc89ec895d2d8a97812b7311f3c577293

  3. 0x7c180f0e1a61d4bd911c3d3969ddc13fd61f3725

  4. 0x8155f828951f104143400aae58255f7b941ca86e

  5. 0xdc66f2bddb7e5c2566e61f7389e7e10e040ed88c

Congratulations on your new crypto debit card!

The Cointed team deeply thank everyone who supports their project!


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