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As the blockchain progresses in use cases, the gaming industry is leveraging the technology to build decentralized games that give participants the freedom to play without prying eyes and coinrace has the technology to provide such freedom.


Why do we use VPNs? Why do many of us like the Tor project? That’s because we value our online privacy. Just as you would shut your bathroom door when bathing or shut your door at night before going to bed, you wouldn’t want to be monitored when you are surfing the web. In today’s world, if you don’t have a CCTV monitoring your every step, then there is someone monitoring the sites you visit and capturing the passwords you use without your knowledge – so why should this happen even in the gaming community where gamers just want to have fun? Well, the best dapp betting game, coinrace says no more surveillance, no KYC, and provides a complete anonymity to players. But what is coinrace?

How Anonymity is ‘king’ in CoinRace

Why should you give up your name and other personal information just for playing a game? Coinrace provides you a platform where you don’t have to give up anything personal. There is no need for a KYC. Your only identity or your face ID is your Ethereum address and your transaction.

If we all champion for an anonymous decentralized game, then I suppose you don’t care about who developed the game? Just like how the famous ‘Anonymous’ took the online space, this game comes with an anonymous team, a group of scientists and mathematicians, creating a new democracy through a dapp betting game.

Get to Know CoinRace

CoinRace is a dapp betting platform leveraging the blockchain technology to build a decentralized race. It is built with Solidity and Javascript and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The game comes with 4 different race types: the Old School Race the Smart Coins Race, the Bitcoin Forks Race and the Anonymous Race.

The Old School Race features four cars, and each car has its unique cryptocurrency brand including, BTC, ETH, LTC, and Dash. The Smart Coins Race features ETH, ADA, XEM, and EOS. The Bitcoin Forks Race comes with BTC, BCH, and BTG whiles the Anonymous Race has DASH, XMR, ZEC, and BCN.

The platform collects the prices of all the cryptocurrencies from major exchange platforms including Poloniex, Binance, Bitfinex, Bitrex, OKEx, Kraken, and CryptoCompare and give gamers real-time prices and updated through websockets.

Where we are headed to (The Future coinrace)

The coinrace game is not like other dapp betting games that remain in Beta versions for life or die as whitepapers. It’s an already existing game that was built from scratch. In the near future, the game will use the Raiden Network to give gamers fast, scalable betting experience. There would also be an option for peer-to-peer transfer of tokens within the decentralized platform after some months of testing and upgrades. The Race coin would also be scaled and pegged directly against the US dollar and also added to major Ethereum-based exchanges as the team moves into the future.

As part of its mandate to provide true power to gamers, sports events that are implemented through trusted oracles would be added to CoinRace in the future and ensure the administration of a proof-of-stack system that enables voting functionalities. For those who want to build their own betting games on a non-technical and anonymous environment, CoinRace, would, in the future, offer a system for the creation of any type of betting game from weather to sports and many other betting games.

The Bottom Line

Imagine a token that doesn’t depend on Ethereum to work and would continue to operate even when the cryptocurrency community dies. Imagine a game where gamers don’t have to invest in implementation because the MVP of the game is already done. Imagine a future where gamers are not just gamers but also create their own games and actually earn from their craft. That the system coinrace is building. It’s worth taking the ride.


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