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Last week, Samourai Wallet’s Telegram account raised a lot of concerns. The official post stressed over the lack of privacy “secured” by the CoinJoin implementation of Wasabi.

Wasabi is a direct competitor to Samourai, so it’s natural that the accusations should be taken with a grain of salt. Regardless, Samourai’s accusations put some light on Wasabi’s wallet CoinJoin:

“If you use Wasabi and are mixing, let’s say 10 BTC, it’s entirely possible to track those 10 BTC when its peeled down into smaller UTXOS (unspent funds). To make things worse, the Wasabi outputs are following the order of registration. This means that with educated guesses, you can use the available information when inputs are inevitably merged in order to make a spend.”

Samourai is very harsh on CoinJoin

According to Samourai, this is by no means a private transaction.

“You literally leave breadcrumbs throughout the entire way.”

Additionally, Samourai executives have claimed that Wasabi’s implementation of ZeroLink routinely has between 30% and 60% of the inputs issued from the same previous transaction.

Samourai executives have also analyzed a transaction of a donation by the Wasabi team to the TOR anonymous network. After analyzing the transaction, they revealed to have linked a Wirex account and 38 fully mixed inputs to the donation itself.

The executive nicknamed SW, stated:

“We do not aim to take advantage of a competitor when they are having a hard time. On the contrary, our goal is to prevent this occurring on a broader scale. If this can happen to the professionals at Wasabi, then it’s without a doubt happening in a much larger scale where users with far less technical knowledge have no idea of what is actually happening or how to prevent it.”

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