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Coinimal is now BITPANDA!?

Why did Coinimal change their name?

They say that Bitcoin and crypto are on the verge of mass adoption and that is why they decided to rebrand and change their name. However, we think that their previous name ‘

However, we think that their previous name ‘Coinimal’ as a mixture of Coin and Animal might have been often not recognized as such. It might be seen as Coin + Imal, or Coin + Minimal, or something similar without any meaning. Additionally, with BITPANDA I can imagine something – a big Panda. With Coinimal I can’t imagine anything specific

You can check out the look of their new page here.

Coinimal is now Bitpanda

Did Coinimal change only their name?

Yes! The Austrian team remains the same. The features and services stay the same. Well, besides adding an own BTC wallet of course. Clearly, the domain name has been changed as well: Coinimal.com now directly redirects to BITPANDA.com.

New Bitcoin Wallet added at BITPANDA (former Coinimal)

While adding an own wallet, you are NOT forced to use it to buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies. The best feature of an own wallet is, if you ask us, that one does not need to wait for confirmations of deposits and withdrawals – which is not only saving time but also transaction cost. This way BITPANDA will be able to further improve their offered rates!

Here is how the interface of their bitcoin wallet looks like:


It has everything one needs: Deposit address, Button to Sell/Buy/Send Coins and last wallet transactions. So we think it’s very nice and hope they add more cryptocurrencies that you are able to store besides Bitcoins.

If you are interested how to exchange Bitcoin to Amazon or Bitcoin to PayPal over them, then check out our step-by-step picture posts. On BITPANDA you can choose one of the following payment options: Neteller, Skrill, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, OKPay, PayPal, Sepa, Amazon.

BITPANDA is the future of Coinimal – and we from CoinStaker.com look forward to being a part of it!

Why do you think they re-branded and changed their name? We would be happy to discuss this in the comment section below.

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