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According to a Coinbase research, almost half of the world’s top universities now offer at least one course on either crypto or blockchain. The survey was conducted in the United States and was done between 675 students.

“Students today are really thinking about the economic issues and alternative economic futures.”

Bill Maurer, the dean of the School of Social Sciences at the University of California couldn’t be more right. When we take a quick look on how impoverished and struggling the current and next generation of students are and will be, is that really something surprising?

Of course many Universities downright refuse to blame central banks and their endless waves of money pri… *cough* Quantitative Easing and blame the current generation for the world’s socio-economic problems. Ironically enough, higher education is also part of the debt enslavement of the younger generation. Many of the courses which are offered by universities are simply not applicable in work environment. A young student left with thousands of dollars of debt and realistically no way to ever pay them back, will of course gravitate to dangerous political ideologies.

You don’t need a Coinbase Research to see why experts in Blockchain and Crypto are in high demand

The origin of interest in the crypto and blockchain courses shows a surprise. According to the data from the Coinbase research, the biggest interest isn’t coming from departments such as economics, computer science, finance or even business. The biggest interest is originating from social science, about 45%.

More fields should immediately consider adopting courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Acquiring information about financial systems is a big help to students in many programs for today’s job market.

This spike in interest can be largely attributed to the broadening job market. It’s important to note that experts in crypto have a way easier time finding employment simply because of the large demand. This is very good news since the biggest struggle to find a job is directly after graduation.

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