Back in August, Binance revealed their plans to open trading for the native token offered by Cocos-BCX. Binance revealed that they intend to have 3 trading pairs for Cocos at launch – Bitcoin, Tether and exchange’s local token Binance Coin .

Cocos-BCX aims to provide gaming developers with a modern and easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure. This will enable the developers to work on games in a very graphical way without the need to dive deeply on technical issues that often end up being high barriers to entry.

The company is also aiming to give a fair and open game environment for players. The plan for this to be achieved is via transparent data and clear rules that allow gamers to save and use their assets in a permanent, secure and decentralized way.

One of the features which most gamers will enjoy, is the ability to use a player’s assets from a single game in another, as long the game falls in the same universe. Via Cocos-BCX’s technological approach, the company believes that games can receive unprecedented autonomy. This will hopefully result in experiences in formats that were never dreamed of before.

Cocos-BCX comes up on the scene with relatively no financial backing

It’s important to note that over the last year, Cocos-BCX is the only product which was listed directly on Binance without ever being publicly funded. The fundamentals of the project are all incredibly solid and it offers very reliable technologies and products that were shipped even before the token was officially listed.

Basically, Cocos-BCX’s offering has 3 key components. A game engine which also serves as the software framework and supports many different blockchains. A data-focused development environment that was created specifically to respond to gaming use cases.

The last component, is a Graphene-based public blockchain which has been developed specially for high-performance applications, which most modern games are. The team’s goal is to create an open system which supports many different development environments and blockchains.

Developers can now create many blockchain-based games for many different platforms. Conventional titles can also complete their blockchain transition with ease. There’s no requirement for a developer to get acquainted with complex new programming languages before.

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