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Is it possible to bypass the HTTP system? CloudFlare seems to think so, as they recently introduced a new decentralized content gateway.

CloudFlare is a company that provides content delivery network (CDN) services and also DDoS security. Essentially, the company acts as a middleman between the user and the website. CloudFlare provides security for the website by filtering suspicious requests and speeds its performance by its CDN. The CDN is powered by over 150 data centers located all throughout the world.

Lee and Prince Holloway started the company back in 2009. They have been working together on a system, which tracks spam accounts. The system, which was named “Project Honey Pot” was tasked with finding out how the spam accounts collected e-mail addresses. They later met Michelle Zatlyn at Harvard Business School and expanded the concept together. The name was changed and it won the Harvard Business School Business Plan competition.

The project however, didn’t become operational until next year. The service went into beta testing in June and was launched 3 months later at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco. According to the data on CloudFlare’s website, they service about 8 million internet properties and power about 10% of all internet requests.

CloudFlare places high hopes on the new project

The customers CloudFlare looks after come in all shapes and sizes. Casual bloggers and internet users, who don’t pay anything are probably the majority. There are also however, enormous companies, who pay up to $50 million/year for a guaranteed 24/7 support service.

CloudFlare has also been a keen supporter of net neutrality. As it’s seen from its name, net neutrality stands for just that, true, unedited, fair neutrality. Net neutrality is basically an idea, which believes that networks shouldn’t discriminate the information which passes through them.

The company is very excited about the new product as seen by the press release:

“Just like when we launched back in 2010 and changed the game for web properties by providing the performance, security and availability that was previously only available to the “big fishes”, we believe that the IPFS gateway will be able to provide the same quality increase of the content on the distributed web.”

According to many experts, the gateway will indeed allow the network to be accessed by a casual browser. The gateway will simplify the whole process of interacting with the decentralized network.

The company has also come up with a new way to attract new clients. The gateway will be promoted by grating a free SSL certificate to all websites connected via the service. There is also a standard abuse reporting mechanism implemented. This will allow for users to report abusive content because of the company’s inability to modify or remove content from the IPFS network.

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