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What exactly is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network which has two main purposes – to make your website faster and more secure. They offer services like DDoS protection, Firewall, DNS, reverse proxy and a content delivery network.


Why am I, my accounts and Cryptocurrencies at risk?

Many people use the services of CloudFlare for one or more of the above-referred reasons. The CloudFlare leak (official post from the 23rd of February 2007 is a result of a bug uncovered by Google researchers. The bug consisted for several months and was simply said dropping and swapping random information from one user to another. So you can be on Website A and thus getting info from website B, where a different user has been.

CloudFlare states, that the most leakage happened between February 13 and 18, 2017 and even then that around 1 in every 3,300,000 HTTP requests through Cloudflare leaked data across 3,438 unique domains.

The CloudFlare Leak – and how to protect our Bitcoin treasures

Here is a list of websites that use CloudFlare.
Big names that strike us in the Bitcoin world are coinbase.com, bitpay.com, poloniex.com, localbitcoins.com, kraken.com but also sites like uber.com could have had leaked info about you!

So go and change the passwords that you used. If you had two-factor-authentification (2FA) then you might want to remove it and add it again. Since also this info could have been leaked!

We found the info on the bitcoin reddit.


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