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Antminer S4 Market

100% Hashing Function Guaranteed by BITMAIN

It will be online at 10am Jan. 14th, 2015 (GMT +8 Time Zone)

HASHNEST anounced its ANTMINER S4 Market – Purchase S4, Convert it to Hashrate, and mine at Antpool

S4 Market will open a total of 2200TH/s generated by 1100 units of S4 while consuming 0.7W per GH/s.
BITMAIN will cover the downtime loss, providing 100% hashing function guaranteed. Payout is based on the PPLNS mode of Antpool, which is subject to its pool luck. Even if ANTMINER S4 you bought fails indeed, HASHNEST would automatically compensate the mining loss to your account based on the hashing power you bought.

Sales Policy

  • S4 Unit Price: Surprising US$
  • Maintenance Fee: US$0.097 / KWh
  • Convert Period: 72 hours after full payment
  • Downtime: 0% Downtime loss. BITMAIN offers 100% hashing function guaranteed on its own responsibility
  • Payout: PPLNS mode of Antpool
  • Termination: Market will be closed when the maintenance fee equals to the mining revenue. And then terminate service after reserving the hardware for 10 days
  • Redeem: a) The integer multiples of 2TH/s accepted only; b) With users’ own handling fee and shipping cost; c) Due to the aging of actual miners, the quality and hashrate of miners delivered to users are not guaranteed

Guess the price and win 1 TH/s!


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