Citowise has quickly joined the ranks of leading companies that help advance the blockchain revolution. In 2017, after finishing the research and development stage, the Citowise team launched their first application, the Citowise wallet.
This state of the art software gives users an amazingly elegant and powerful tool that allows them to perform all types of transactions with Ethereum blockchain-based currencies.
The Citowise team is driven by the desire to provide a secure and easy-to-use solution that makes token payment processes simple, that speeds up adoption of crypto-payments in everyday life, and that guarantees that the control over cryptocurrency remains only in the hands of the users.
Because the Citowise team consists of an experienced, knowledgeable and creative team, they easily achieved these goals and created a secure mobile wallet and a payment gateway that is based on smart contracts.
Because the Citowise team consists only of experts, they achieved what no one else could. They made a fast and reliable wallet with the best user interface in the crypto industry. Citowise wallets are available for Google Android and in the near future for Apple iOS.
The Android version has been downloaded more than 20,000 times, which is an impressive achievement. Due to many advantages of Citowise over its competition, it won the prestigious 3rd place from more than 40 Moonrise contest participants at the Moontec 2017 exhibition.
Clearly, the Citowise wallet is an outstanding tool for the users, in which they can send and receive tokens and ETH. Furthermore, the Citowise wallet offers unique solutions for the startups that create ICOs.
Citowise is a global leader in the rapidly emerging cryptocurrency industry. Their team continuously pushes the envelope of blockchain technology to create amazing products and to serve customers to simplify their interaction with cryptocurrency.

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