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Experience is something very important. It should be passed on and can help developing companies adapt and grow even faster. Cinnober is a Stockhold-based company and it provides tech solutions to many traditional stock and commodity exchanges around the globe.

The company has expressed its desire to help the emerging crypto trading platforms to adapt, mature and prosper. Cinnober has begun striking deals with many promising crypto startups and just last week, Bitstamp announced that it would use the company’s TRADExpress platform.

The company shows no signs of slowing down and has publicly expressed its desire to attract more potential partners in the market.

Cinnober have stated they are looking for the biggest trading volumes and willingness to serve institutional investors. Acquiring institutional investors will be paramount of crypto exchanges. Some will them will also have to go through significant adjustments in order to survive.

Cinnober’s crypto and blockchain lead stated that crypto exchanges are still very young. That’s why they require a lot of help to navigate and grow in the harsh financial markets. This is why institutional investors are a must. This means crypto exchanges must be willing to provide the same functionality, if not better than the traditional stock and commodity ones.

Usually, crypto exchanges are operating on a pre-funded basis. They only allow users to trade their account balance. Traditional financial exchanges on the other hand, use cleared trades when customers maintain collateral deposited with a clearing house. The outstanding trades later settled at the end of the trading cycle.

Cinnober aims to drastically alter crypto exchanges

Currently there are no clearing technologies and clearing houses in the crypto exchange markets. Cinnober can help and transform crypto exchanges to traditional ones with a clearing module. That way institutional investors would feel more safe and would consider major investments. This is the essence of the partnership with Bitstamp. Everything is done in order to “remodel” Bitstamp so it could fit the market structure.

Crypto exchanges are now facing an existential crisis. They will either have to adapt to how the established financial market practices work, or they will have to cease existing. This is the cold and harsh reality of the situation and Cinnober has no patience for the unwilling crypto exchanges.

The company has been calmly exploring the crypto sector way before the big hype last year. There were also past attempts in starting trading systems, but due to the inability to acquire a banking license, the Swedish startup never became operational.

This year however, Cinnober has presented a number of solutions for the crypto industry. A subsidiary of the company called Irisium sold a reliable market solution to Bitfinex back in March. Last month, the company announced a partnership with GAP600, which is a startup aimed at enabling instant crypto transactions.

With many developments in place, Cinnober is sending a clear message to every single crypto exchange:

“Adapt or perish.”

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