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What is ChopCoin?

ChopCoin is a fun and exciting online multiplayer game that has a Bitcoin theme at its core. You play as a large circular player whose goal is to absorb, or eat, the other players. Think about slither.io with a twist. You float around the screen, eating small pellets that increase your size with everyone you eat. At the same time, you are trying to eat any smaller players that you come across since you gain size for eating them too. Of course, you can be eaten by larger players, as well, so you need to avoid that from happening.

That is a lot of action going on, all at the same time. The best part? There is even more! You have to avoid the randomly spawned bombs that will blow you into several smaller pieces. You can also choose to split yourself into smaller pieces, as well. This comes in handy since the smaller you are, the faster you move. Larger players move slow, smaller players move fast. This is done to ensure that the game play is fair, giving smaller players a chance to get larger.

The goal is to become the largest player in the game and remain that way for as long as possible. This is not easy since other players can also shoot bombs at you! ChopCoin is a great and fun way to kill some time and even get some Bitcoin just for playing and being the biggest and baddest player on the screen. If you get eaten, simply reenter the game. There is no limit to the number of times you can reenter. You have unlimited lives.

ChopCoin Game Modes

ChopCoin has a couple different game modes to choose from. They have a King of the Hill game and a faucet game, both with unique features. If you want to really show your stuff and get rewarded in a big way, you can enter the paid room, where the winner gets the entry fees of all other players.

No matter what mode you choose to play in, ChopCoin promises to provide you with a ton of fun and a way to kill a lot of time.



King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a never-ending game where the goal is to become the biggest player in the game and then hold the title of King for 2 minutes. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with 50 Satoshi. Each additional 2 minutes you are able to maintain the status of King, you will receive an additional 50 Satoshi.

While it may seem pretty simple, becoming king may prove to be tougher than you think. Other players in the King of the Hill playground, as they call it, will also be vying for that same title. Not only do you have to contend with these individual players, but in the King of the Hill playground, players are allowed to form teams to help each other overthrow the current king. Alliances can be hard to overcome unless you have a partner or two yourself to help.

If you get eaten, no worries. Simply hit the Play button when the page reloads and sends you back to your dashboard and you will reenter the game with a mass of 40 and must once again begin to build your girth to larger sizes. With no time limit, it is easy to lose track of time and find that you have spent hours playing ChopCoin.

ChopCoin Faucet

The ChopCoin Faucet is a game mode that is sort of like king of the hill in the sense that your goal is to become the largest player in the game. The major differences from King of the Hill is that in the faucet, your goal is to get big within 10 minutes. The largest player at the end of the ten minutes will be rewarded with 150 Satoshi. But even if you do not come in first, you still can make a few Satoshi. The top 15 players will receive 15 Satoshi.

The faucet is a bit different in the gameplay itself, as well. For starters, you move a lot faster, start with a lot less mass and the pellets that you eat only award you with 1 single point of mass for each one eaten. In this sense, it takes a lot longer to get bigger and coupled with the 10-minute time limit, you will never find the sizes players achieve in King of the Hill. Players are also Not allowed to form teams in the faucet. It is every player for themselves.


ChopCoin Paid Room

If you want to try and make a killing playing ChopCoin, try the paid room. It costs 300 Satoshis to enter and the winner will get to take the entry fees of all participants. It is a short, 3-minute faucet styles game. You are able to see what place you are in throughout the entire game, as well. Be careful, if you get eaten, you will have to repay the 300 Satoshis to reenter.

If you come out on top, you will get the entry fee of every player minus 30 Satoshis per player that goes to the website as a fee.

Just Watch Others Play ChopCoin

ChopCoin also offers a Spectate mode, which allows you to watch the action in any of the playgrounds you want. Simply sit back and watch others battle and learn the tips and tricks that pother players use to come out on top. While in spectate mode, the screen only shows a portion of the game playing area, since it is so large. It automatically switches between the different sections of the game area, mainly focusing on the areas where the biggest players are floating around or doing battle.


Game Play Tips and Tricks

In order to win at ChopCoin, in any game mode, you will have to have some tricks and a strategy up your sleeve. Developing your strategy is up to you, but to help you get started on the path to greatness on ChopCoin, here are some tips and tricks you can use.

  • Mouse Controls. In your settings, there are several options that you can choose to use that will help enhance gameplay if your computer or internet is a bit slow. Among these is a setting called “Mouse Controls” by choosing this option, you can play ChopCoin without using your keyboard to split or eject mass. Your mouse buttons will be enabled for splitting yourself, as well as shooting small pellets from yourself at bombs or to help you get several smaller pieces of yourself back together again.
  • Eat Bombs. That’s right. If you blow yourself up, or get blown up by a bomb, any other bombs in the area, that you eat within 3 seconds will actually add more mass to you. It is like being immune to the explosive effects for a short time. 
  • Create bombs. By shooting your mass at bombs repeatedly, as you approach teem, it will spawn additional bombs, replicating the ones that you are shooting. By continuing to shoot the bombs and then back off before you hit and repeatedly creating more, you can then blow yourself up on the first one and use all the duplicates to gain some pretty good mass fairly quickly.
  • Break up into smaller pieces. In order to eat more pellets, you need to cover more ground. Splitting yourself up into smaller pieces will allow you to cover a greater area, eating more pellets. Each smaller piece will grow independently as it gains mass. After a few seconds, you will be able to put yourself back together in case someone bigger starts eyeing your smaller pieces as a nice treat.
  • Watch the Leaderboard. Knowing the leaders is important. If someone you are eyeing to eat or someone is eyeing you like you would make a tasty lunch, see if they are on the leaderboard. Find out by checking and seeing if they are and what place they are in. if you are close to the same size, they must be at least 10% larger than you to eat you. If not, you will both occupy the same space without eating each other. But beware, if you are chasing them and they are eating pellets in front of you, they will get larger and eventually swallow you.

With these simple tips and tricks, along with the stuff you learn from playing yourself, you can have a great chance to become the biggest and baddest player in ChopCoin and win some Satoshis in the process. Earning free money has never been more fun and exciting.

ChopCoin Interface

ChopCoin has a modern layout and interface. Simply clicking the links on the left-hand side will allow you to navigate the different areas of the site. On your dashboard, simply select the playground you wish to play in and then hit the green Play button at the top of the page to enter the game. The playground you chose will be the same after you get eaten, so all you need to do is hit the play button again and you will reenter the same playground as you just were playing in.

After choosing a playground, it will show you how many players are currently in the room, and the faucet timer will let you know how much time until the current round ends. Faucet rounds are back to back, so when one ends, another begins instantly. It is possible to enter a faucet with 3 seconds left and get 15 Satoshis, so watch those timers.


ChopCoin Player Skins

You have the ability to choose what your player looks like. They have 10 available skins that you can wear: A Bear, Flower, Anonymous face, Bitcoin Symbol, Heart, Unicorn, peace Sign and Pony. You can also choose none of these and your player circles will be a random solid color that will change periodically. If you want your very own, custom skin, they will design it and add it for you for a small fee.

You can change your skin as manty times as you want. The choice is totally yours. In your settings, you can choose whether or not to display your mass on your player circle. It is handy for keeping track of size when battling others that are lose to your size. When split, each individual piece will show its respective mass.

Remember that changing your skin often will help to confuse your rivals, which you will gain, even if only temporarily. All it takes is a second to gain the advantage in ChopCoin, so use everything you can to make sure the advantage is Always yours to have.

ChopCoin Summary

ChopCoin is a blast, plain and simple. It is a fun game that you will spend countless hours playing. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it offers a great social environment for bitcoin enthusiasts to gather and play, as well as welcomes new people to Bitcoin and gives them a way to have fun, while learning all about cryptocurrencies.

There are always people paying and the servers are generally pretty good and can handle a load of about 25 players without any lagging at all. When they do get crowded, it can be difficult to get large since there is a shortage of pellets and not as much room to be alone on the playing area. When this happens though, it should be used for practice at maneuvering, and trying to get your strategy down to a science. While it can be definitely frustrating at times, what gamer is not frustrating at some point? If you are getting frustrated, it means you are hooked on it for sure.

Check out the game play videos that are included below to get an idea of how it works, but seriously; go to chopcoin.io and have some fun. It is absolutely free, fun and addicting. Play now to see for yourself.



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