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2018 saw a rapid decline in the demand for miners. This was felt by chip makers like Nvidia the most. The company is already adapting and looking for a change of scenery. Nvidia is considering heavy investments into robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) for future success.

The company has already officially opened a 13 000ft. robotics research lab in Seattle. A group of over 30 academic experts and over 20 company roboticists will be working together on future projects. One of the lab’s biggest objectives is to develop the so called “cobots”. These robots will be essential towards future robotics development because they will work alongside humans.

Nvidia’s robotics division will be led by Dieter Fox.

He stated:

“Our aim is to develop robots which can naturally work on hard tasks alongside people.”

The lab has also tuned the IKEA kitchen to test its own “kitchen manipulator” robot. The robot will utilize AI with a heavy emphasis on learning in order to perform increasingly harder tasks.

Fox said:

“When we pull together recent advances in perception, learning, control and simulation, we are able to help the research community. It’s our common goal to solve some of the greatest challenges in robotics.”

This will of course inevitably result into Nvidia robotics products. AI and Robotics are a very long-term investment, which cannot be compared with the company’s short adventure with miners. The company also has an AI research laboratory in Toronto, Canada. Nvidia Research also employs over 200 scientists who work on many projects like advanced computer vision, self-driving automobiles and graphics.

Chip makers are investing in the future

The prolonged bear market from 2018 did not help the company’s struggles. The increasingly lower demand for GPUs resulted in a not-so-happy ending for last year. The company share price was down 54% and this made it the worst performer on the S&P 500.

William Stein is an analyst at Sunset Robinson Humphrey. He keeps a bullish view on both the semiconductor industry and Nvidia and stated:

“It’s our belief that a constructive resolution will lift semis, but a delay of destructive resolution will take most lower.”

He believes that Nvidia has a very reasonable growth opportunity in the semiconductor space. The biggest factor being the release of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 gaming graphic card.

Additionally, many experts believe that trade relations between the United States and China will attribute largely to the company’s development in the future. Chip makers around the globe will most likely be forced to adapt to the new market conditions.

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