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Monero miner launched by Change.Org

The platform which has earned the name of being the world’s largest social petitioner, Change.org, is finally entering the crypto space – and it’s mining Monero. This is in a bid to promote the organisations acts of charity.

The mining is done by what it calls “Mining Screensaver”. The tool uses the hosts computer to mine the Monero token. What happens with the digital coins is that they are converted to real world. The mining of the digital currency is done once the users are not using their computers.

Cryptocurrencies seem to have surpassed just being used to trade online without middlemen. The technology has gone as far as to champion several charity courses and raising of funds to support humanitarian courses.

The UN has used ethereum to generate funds in a number of countries in Europe, and Monero has also being used for several fund raising in Africa, to mention a few.

The computer of the host, when turned on will begin to mine Monero tokens once the computer is idle. The amount the user earns is donated directly to the Change.org Foundation.

The organization hopes enough users will install the screensaver so significant funds are raised for its charitable foundation. “Change.org” is estimating that if 10,000 PCs use the mining screensaver for at least 12 hours (that’s half a day) daily, donations worth around $10,000 would be generated each month. It is encouraging people to mine Monero with Mining Screensaverto start helping people change the world.”

At the time of writing, the software is only available for Microsoft Windows users.

The Monero (XRM) is one of the open-source cryptocurrencies in the market. It was created in April 2014. The cryptocurrency uses a public ledger to record transactions and it focuses a lot more on users’ privacy and the decentralization of transactions. An update to the Monero crypto coin was released just last month.

Other charities are also recognizing the potential cryptocurrency can create for charitable ventures. Both “The Water Project” and “Save the Children” are now accepting donations in bitcoin.

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