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An Austrian printing organization that has history returning to the mid-1800s has recently launched a crypto storage device.

The new wallet originates from YOUNIQX Identity, a subsidiary of the Vienna-based Austrian State Printing House (Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei or OeSD) – a very respected and secure printing company which is currently the nation’s innovative international ID producer and supplier of other secure ID arrangements.

The device named Chainlock is meant to address the weakness of “hot” or online wallets to hacking, which OeSD said in a declaration earlier this week “are an incredible security hazard.”

The “100-percent disconnected” wallet offers private key generation in a (patent connected for) high-security enclave that OeSD said implies the keys can’t be seen by any outside party – even YOUNIQX or OeSD representatives.

While the wallet can be overseen through an application, it is secure from unapproved access to private keys over the web, WiFi and NFC, the firm states. Further, crypto-stealing malware like CryptoLocker can’t access keys on the device.

Chainlock has a “traditional” look

Chainlock appears as a credit card-sized bit of plastic that the firm said is impervious to water and heat.

If the blockchain tokens on the wallet are forked for any reason, card owners will profit by the formation of new coins, it included.

While OeSD was customarily an innovative paper printer, it has all the more as of late moved into all the more cutting edge ID and security offerings, some of which were actually developed by YOUNIQX.

The development arm has already launched MICK (My Identity Check), a secure video ID device, and MIA (My Identity App), an incorporated personality management platform.

Accessible on Coinfinity, a portion of the Chainlock wallet’s anti-fraud features are close to those found on more current types of passports or fiat cash, with miniaturized scale imprinting on the two sides, hologram, a continuous color gradient, tactile texture and UV and infrared-visible patterns.

Valued at €59.99 (around $67) including VAT, the Chainlock wallet is as of now accessible in bitcoin or ethereum.

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