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CG Blockchain, a company developing blockchain-based tech for the investment industry, has reached a partnership with FactSet, a global financial information and analytical tools provider. The partnership enables CG Blockchain’s clients to use FactSet’s order and execution management system for order generation, analysis, and compliance. In turn, FactSet gets access to blockchain tools by CG Blockchain.

FactSet is a publicly traded company which offers  analytical and data-driven solutions, technology, content, and services to professional investors. FactSet’s order and execution management system (OEMS) is a configurable platform for creating and managing trading strategies. Along with the CG Blockchain’s suite of cryptocurrency trading apps and tools built on top of a Compliance Guard framework, the FactSet’s OEMS solution will give  institutional investors a secure and transparent way to interact with crypto assets.

“CG Blockchain has harnessed a new, innovative technology that raises the bar for compliance. The integration of Fundstore and FactSet OEMS will offer institutional investors visibility and timeliness that was previously unavailable from a third party,” said John Adam, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Portfolio Management and Trading Solutions at FactSet.

He also mentioned that as regulators stricten the requirements for transparency and accountability, technology providers like FactSet face the necessity to evolve in order to meet clients’ needs and set technical standards in the industry.

This mutually beneficial alliance plugs FactSet into the multi-hundred billion-dollar blockchain market that is currently experiencing exponential growth — and it gives FactSet clients access to institutional-grade blockchain-based apps and tokenized ecosystems. Each of these factors positions FactSet for increased market share and places it at the forefront of this industry segment,”  said Bob Bonomo, the president at CG Blockchain.

Considering regulatory trends in the US and other countries, the “traditional” investors’ need for a reliable and compliant way to interact with the somewhat unexplored cryptocurrency world will be growing. Partnerships like that of FactSet and CG Blockchain are bridging the gap between the old and the new, hopefully bringing the transition to a trustless and secure blockchain-based future closer.


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