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The recently announced CCN shutdown was a big surprise to the majority of the crypto community. The announcement came yesterday and was written by the founder of CNN Jonas Borchgrevink.

As many people might have figured out, the primary reason for the CCN shutdown was a significant drop in traffic. Traffic started dropping as soon as Google rolled out this month’s Core Update on June 3rd. These updates happen two or three times per year, but have never had such an effect.

The announcement mentioned that it’s completely natural that traffic was low. After all, a lot of the interest in cryptocurrencies disappeared after the end of the 2017 bull run. After the Core Update however, the situation became too grim and the CCN shutdown followed.

CCN did an extremely honorable call and refused to downsize its team. For an organization that has grown organically from a 2-man team and NEVER received any outside funding, this is more than admirable. Yes, not all media organizations are like CNN and BBC.

According to the data from Sistrix.com, CCN’s daily revenue was down more than 90%. The media platform is currently unsustainable and all of the team will be moved to HVY.com.

According to Borchgrevink, crypto websites were not the only “victims” of the Core Update. One of the leading British tabloids, The Daily Mail, has also seen a huge drop in visibility.

The CCN shutdown has thrown spotlight on other media

While The Daily Mail has seen it’s fair share of controversies, it’s clear that the Core Update targeted websites specifically. Many experts believe that the algorithms wrongly classify article headlines as clickbait.

This is of course, all speculations as CCN’s post said that someone who worked on the Core Update on Google should be able to explain. If there is no clear explanation given on why popular websites are losing this much traffic after the Core Update, all people can do is speculate.

Borchgrevink also expressed his concerns on why something like this can happen literally overnight. A 6 year-long project becomes “bad” for Google overnight without any warnings or chance to change things.

The worst part, as Borchgrevink states is:

“We are kicked in the teeth overnight with no knowledge of what we’ve supposedly done wrong. This impacted a team of over 60 people and 6 years of work is destroyed.”

Unfortunately, Google has not given a response about the June Core Update. The scary thing is, they can afford not to. There is literally nothing anyone can do. If Google decides a few websites disappear, they disappear.

Media censorship, shadow banning and online monopoly are things of which Google has been accused of countless times. The CCN shutdown proves that a platform can disappear overnight without even a word of explanation.

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