by Jul 22, 2019

CoinJoin Implementation of Wasabi’s Privacy Issues

According to experts from Samourai Wallet, CoinJoin, the implementation from Wasabi, has serious security issues which

by Apr 9, 2019

Electrum Hacked Again: Massive DoS Attack Steals Millions

Electrum has once again fallen to an attack. Currently, the company is dealing with a large-scale DoS attack which has already stolen millions.

by Mar 26, 2019

Rakuten Wallet to be Launched by the End of March

As many companies are lining up to create their own digital wallets, Rakuten Inc. is ahead of the curve. The new Rakuten Wallet will not only be

by Jan 17, 2019

Google Play wants Crypto Samourai Wallet to remove Security Features

the Crypto Samourai Wallet was forced by Google to remove some security features from its latest update. Apparently Google Play found the new security features to be in conflict with the company’s policies…

by Feb 14, 2018

How to Backup your Bitcoins In your Head

Serious coiners devise elaborate failsafes involving bank vaults, fireproof safes, and wallets buried in the backyard. But the simplest, cheapest backup is also the one easiest to overlook—your brain.

by Dec 15, 2017

Trezor’s Last Firmware Update, Ledger Cryptosteel and Electrum Wallet

One of the most famous hardware wallets available, Trezor, announced a new firmware upgrade. The New 1.6.0 version offers support for new cryptocurrencies like NEM and it will support Bitcoin Gold fork. Segregated Witness addresses will be also supported using the format Bech32 instead of P2SH. Bech32 take less space than P2SH addresses and would potentially allow smaller transactions.

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