Peio Purlev by Jun 22, 2018

The TRON Tokenswap is beginning. TRON is becoming independent from Ethereum

The TRON Tokenswap is upon us. The project finally arrived to the point of swapping the TRX ERC-20 Token with the mainet TRX Tokens.

Peio Purlev by Jun 13, 2018

TRON founder and CEO, Justin Sun has acquired BitTorrent

The software developer BitTorrent Inc. has be acquired by the founder of the cryptocurrency project TRON, Justin Sun. The negotiations have concluded and…

Andrew Ancheta by Mar 28, 2018

Shitcoin of the Week: Tron

If you’ve been in crypto for more than a few months, you’re probably already sick of hearing about Tronix: the up-and-comingest new fad money in a market already bloated with Fidget Spinners and Harlem Shakes.

Gabriela by Jan 20, 2018

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies: The Cool Kids of Crypto in 2018

From something familiar only to techies it came to be the hottest topic in business and personal finance for 2017. All this hype got newcomers, like myself, feeling like we simply missed the train. Like we were just late to the party and the fun was well over.

Peio Purlev by Jan 9, 2018

TRON hold its place in the top 10 cryptocurrencies

The beginning of 2018 was pretty good for some cryptocurrencies and bad for others. One of the big winners was definitely TRON (TRX). At the start of the year the currency was traded at just over 4 cents and had bellow three billion in market capitalization. The morning of Jan 4th TRON blew up and […]