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Nickolas Tannahill by Jan 22, 2018

What Has the Futures Market Done to Bitcoin?

What Has the Futures Market Done to Bitcoin?   As many of you are aware, the CBOE and CME Group launched Bitcoin futures on December 10th and December 17th respectively. This was the beginning of a new step for Bitcoin as it is now publically traded through futures. Although the futures contracts are set up […]

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 16, 2017

London-based Start-up Launches a Debit Card That can be Used with Cryptocurrencies

Everyone using this debit card will be able to spend Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Monero across the United Kingdom. The company said that it will add more cryptocurrencies in the future. The owner of the Start-up is an ex Credit Suisse employee.

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 7, 2017

Atomic Swaps are Arriving to Bitcoin Cash Network

Bitcoin Cash could soon have atomic swaps with other cryptocurrencies. A developer named Deswurstes or MCCCS, has managed to achieve a Bitcoin Cash atomic swap test. In the past, other atomic swaps were performed between different virtual currencies.

Philip by Jul 20, 2016

Where do You Sell Bitcoins

Where to sell my Bitcoin? Is one of the most frequent posed questions in the Bitcoin-Galaxy! Check out where everyone is selling their Bitcoins on our poll.