by Sep 17, 2019

Real Estate Tokenization Partnership Between Harbor and iCap Equity

The recently announced partnership between iCap Equity and Harbor is started with the ambitious goal of real estate tokenization. Currently, the partnership

by Aug 26, 2019

Fiat Tokenization Revealed to be Developed by Circle CEO

In his most recent interview, the CEO of Circle Jeremy Allaire, revealed that the company has been working on fiat tokenization from quite a while now and

by Jul 30, 2019

Mainstream Sports Tokenization: What’s Currently Happening

When it comes to mainstream sports, it’s all about money. Contracts, players, merchandise, all of it is centered towards reaching more people and thus

by Dec 18, 2018

Calgary launches the Calgary Digital Dollar to boost local Economic Activity

The idea of City-wide Digital Currencies, native to places has been discussed for quite a while. Calgary will become the first Canadian city to launch its very own local Digital Currency…

by Dec 14, 2018

Overstock is investing in GrainChain to develop Grain transactions on Blockchain

Medici Ventures will be investing in a software firm that is developing a way to store Grain trasnactions on Blockchain. The Overstock subsidiary announced on December 4th the purchase of $2.5 million of equity stake in GrainChain.

by Jun 12, 2018

Tokenization Guide: The differences between Tokenization and Encryption?

Tokenization Guide: The tokenization industry has been developing fast and in the future it’s estimated that you could tokenize all types of intellectual…

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