by Mar 25, 2019

Western Union Quickly Moving Towards Mobile Wallets

Almost everyone in the world has heard about or used Western Union. The company has been patiently waiting for quite a while to enter the crypto world

by Jan 8, 2019

TRON is Garbage? According to Stellar and Ripple co-founder, Jed McCaleb

Stellar’s CEO and founder, Jed McCaleb has recently referred about TRON (TRX) as “just garbage”. The co-founder of Stellar (XLM), Ripple (XRP) and Mt. Gox…

by Oct 31, 2018

Novatti AUD Utility Token, Australian Dollar stablecoin launches on Stellar

The new stablecoin is launching on Stellar’s blockchain and it will be pegged to the Australian dollar (AUD) with business and consumer usecases. It was announced on 23rd of October that the Novatti AUD Utility Token…

by Sep 17, 2018

Stellar Foundation Purchases Blockchain Startup “Chain”

Creator and co-founder of Stellar and Ripple respectively, Jed McCaleb, will be taking over as the chief technical officer (CTO) of the firm along with Adam Ludwin who will be CEO of Interstellar.

by Sep 6, 2018

IBM launches a Blockchain Payment Network on Stellar

IBM introduced Blockchain World Wire. BWW’s genius design uses digital currency on the Stellar blockchain. This enables Blockchain World Wire to facilitate…

by Jul 24, 2018

Stellar was the big winner last week! What do the numbers say?

If you followed the Cryptocurrency markets last week, you know that Stellar Lumens surged in Price. If you missed it, Stellar recorded great gains in fiat..

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