Cloud Mining Scams

Ian Karamanov by Aug 22, 2018

AT&T Employee Involved in SIM Swap: Millions Stolen in Crypto

AT&T has been linked to another case of a major corporation misuisng personal data. Michael Terpin lost $24 million worth of crypto

Ian Karamanov by Aug 20, 2018

Fapiaos: China’s 30+year old Corruption Problem can be Easily Solved

Chinese fapiaos were designed in the 1980’s. Despite the harsh Chinese laws, the system is still heavily exploited in modern times

Ian Karamanov by Aug 15, 2018

Dragon coin Scam Robbed a 22-year old Finnish Crypto Millionaire of $24 million

The Dragon Coin ICO is the latest scam to be made publicly known. A 22-year old Finnish crypto millionaire lost $24 million

Ian Karamanov by Aug 10, 2018

Malware Surpasses Ransomware as a and More Dangerous Bigger Threat

Malware has always had many security experts on their toes. Recently it has surpassed Ransomware in terms of popularity and usage

Steve Kaaru by Aug 8, 2018

Korean Police Bust A Cryptocurrency Startup That Offers ‘Gold’

It’s a new day and it’s yet another crypto bust for the Korean police. This time, it’s the Korean police have just raided a fraudulent firm that claims to have discovered a shipwreck carrying gold bars and coins worth $130 billion. According to the Korean Herald,  the cryptocurrency startup was claiming that it had discovered […]

Ian Karamanov by Aug 6, 2018

Mt. Gox’s Unbelieavable Collapse. What have we learned?

Mt. Gox’s collapse is an event which warned the world of the implications of bad security. Today we can still see the effects of this outrageous attack.