Cloud Mining Scams

Philip by Oct 15, 2016

True Earning Scam!

True Earning – Review We have not invested into, but a CoinStaker-User has! Here is his experience on this Bitcoin Investment Fraud called True Earnings: True-earning is a lot, so just like a scam because I asked this company to withdraw the profit yesterday morning at But I could not get any profit […]

Philip by Oct 13, 2016

BitDay Scam!

BitDay looks more and more like a scam with each day passed. See what the bitcoin investing community thinks of this HYIP.

Philip by Oct 4, 2016

Kibo Lottery – Scam or the Next Big Thing?

Kibo Lottery and the Kibo Platform analyzed. Is this a good or a terrible Bitcoin / Ethereum investment opportunity, or a pyramid scheme? With TL;DR!

Vas&Co by Dec 31, 2015


Vas&Co by Oct 5, 2015


Vas&Co by Oct 5, 2015