Cloud Mining Scams

Ian Karamanov by May 22, 2019

SIM Hijackers Upping Their Game: Cyber Security Importance

SIM-swapping is becoming a larger problem. Usually, SIM hijackers target people with crypto funds who underestimate the importance of cyber security.

Ian Karamanov by Apr 23, 2019

Auscoin Crypto ATMs Turned Out to be a Front For Drug Traffic

Crypto ATMs will without a doubt be a very common thing in the near future. Auscoin and its crypto ATMs however, turned out to be a front for drug traffic

Ian Karamanov by Apr 2, 2019

Vanbex Deals Another Blow to the Reputation of ICOs

ICOs just can’t seem to catch a break. A recent investigation launched into Vanbex revealed very unfortunate information about the founders’ activities

Ian Karamanov by Mar 14, 2019

Cryptojacking End: What comes Next Will Most Likely be Worse

With the official closure of Coinhive, everyone believes the cryptojacking end has come. The real situation however, will prove to be a little bit different

Ian Karamanov by Mar 6, 2019

2FA on Facebook: So Many People are Willingly Scammed

The two-factor authentication (2FA) on Facebook is way more than meets the eye. Unfortunately people’s phone numbers which are posted on Facebook can be

Avatar by Jan 30, 2019

Is Facebook the biggest community for fake news and fake accounts?

In his report, Greenspan accuses Facebook of lying to the public for a very long period of time. He believes that there is a huge problem with fake accounts. The report states that over 50% of Facebook’s accounts are actually fake…