Cloud Mining Scams

Andrew Ancheta by Apr 21, 2018

Savedroid “Pretends” to Run With Investors Money

Another day, another cryptocurrency exit scam. ICO scams are so common these days that they’re barely worth reporting on—unless they’re as spectacularly dumb as Savedroid(SVD), which tried to backpedal its exit scam by pretending they were kidding all along.

Andrew Ancheta by Mar 21, 2018

Fire Sale on Monero Miners! You’ve got a Week to Use Them

If you’ve ever thought about getting into the mining game, then Bitmain has got a great deal for you: the China-based circuit maker is has a new mining rig for Monero. If that sounds too good to be true, it is: you’ve only got about a week of high-profit hashing before Monero changes its algorithm.Bitmain…

Andrew Ancheta by Mar 20, 2018

Sh*t Coin of the Week: Sky

It was another tense editorial meeting in the CoinStaker newsroom, and we were brainstorming article titles that would take everyone’s minds off the plummeting markets. “I’ve got an idea,” someone said. “What if we have a weekly column, where we pick out a good cryptocurrency and introduce it to the readers in a short profile?” […]

Andrew Ancheta by Mar 1, 2018

Did WaltonChain Rig Their Own Contest?

Ever made up a fake girlfriend so you wouldn’t be the only single person on Valentine’s Day? If so, you may not be alone. WaltonChain(WTC), a China-based platform for smart logistics, was accused of faking its own social media following after an accidental tweet sent out Wednesday morning.

Andrew Ancheta by Feb 26, 2018

Steven Seagal Becomes The New Face of “Bitcoiin”

Proving once again that society has moved beyond parody or satire,  an upstart ICO has announced a celebrity partner who we sincerely hope will become the new face of cryptocurrency: Steven Seagal.

Andrew Ancheta by Feb 19, 2018

Crypto is full of dumb ideas. Here are five of the dumbest.

Good coins are hard to find, but bad ones are everywhere. At least half of the top hundred cryptocurrencies are little more than monetized white papers, and the rest are scams.