Cloud Mining Scams

Ian Karamanov by Aug 21, 2019

PlusToken Exit Transactions Totaled 22493 Bitcoins or $2.9 billion

It’s extremely rare to see such large movement when it comes to bitcoin. Most whales remained steady even when bitcoin was at peak price. PlusToken however,

Avatar by Jun 11, 2019

FacexWorm and the Many Threats of Old Viruses

FacexWorm is just one of the many, now considered “ancient” viruses which is still fairly common. Even though there aren’t many infected users,

Avatar by Jun 5, 2019

Coinroom Scam Seems to be Entirely Legal: A Quick Snap Back to Reality

In the last few months people were quickly reminded that scams related to cryptocurrencies are nowhere near gone. The Coinroom scam happened almost legally

Avatar by May 30, 2019

Malware Campaign on YouTube: Free Bitcoin Videos Are Qulab Trojans

It’s always interesting to see the promises about free Bitcoins. Some are downright funny and people rightfully ignore them. A recent malware campaign on

Ian Karamanov by May 28, 2019

Stolen Crypto From Cryptopia at Risk to be Lost Forever

Liquidators were surprised to find that Cryptopia did not have a database of its own. The stolen crypto may now never be recovered if the exchange does not

Ian Karamanov by May 23, 2019

Mining Investment Scam Shows Dutch Authorities’ Lack of Judgement

The mining investment scam ran by Berry van Mourik was recently “uncovered” by the Dutch authorities. There is one small problem though, van Mourik did it