Avatar by Jul 13, 2018

LendLedger Review – A Connection Between Lenders and Digital Data

In many emerging markets it is difficult for sole proprietors and small businesses to acquire loans to expand their businesses. According to a study conducted by the World Bank, 42% of Indian adults borrowed money during the last year, but just 7% did it with traditional financial institutions and formal lenders.

Avatar by Jun 29, 2018

Walmart Leads Competitors In An Effort To Earn Customer’s Trust

The blockchain technology has been tested in different industries but financial institutions have proven to be the most successful in implementing the technology. However, other industries have also shown great promise including, entertainment, health, education and now, food supply. Ten of the world’s biggest companies have joined to create the world’s first food supply chain. The […]

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How Our Phones Are Becoming an Integral Part of Our Shopping Experience

Our phones have had a massive impact on the way we shop. In fact, they have completely redefined the entire customer decision journey.