Gabriela by Feb 12, 2018

Buybacks or Why Dividends on Tokens May Kill Your Return

In the world of crypto when a token offers dividends it makes us feel a tad more excited. Profit share reminds us of the safety of stocks. However, although essential for stocks this option is often not effective for tokens.

Gabriela by Jan 30, 2018

Blockchain Economic Forum Singapore 2018

The field of blockchain tech develops at blinding speeds. Staying up to date in all things blockchain and crypto is exhausting. The blockchain economic forum is the place to step up your crypto game! Undisputedly, however, large-scale forums where hundreds of experienced professionals gather, are the best place to stay fresh! BEF is one of […]

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 26, 2018

China Could Soon End With Official Initial Coin Offering Regulations

China, one of the most important countries in the world in economic terms could cease its Initial Coin Offering ban. During the last September, China has decided to impose restrictions to cryptocurrency trading and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). South Korea followed China and in October it imposed a ban on ICOs as well. But it is clear that the ban will not be forever. This year, new regulations could be implemented and ICOs allowed.

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 21, 2018

Israel Ready to Tax Initial Coin Offerings, Organizers and Investors

Initial Coin Offerings have been expanding the last years. They have moved billions of dollars. Enterprises are switching to this new way of fundraising. Israel has been an important hub for start-ups and other high-tech enterprises. Indeed, Israel has been dubbed several times as the ‘start-up nation’. It seems that now it is going to regulate the market by taxing it.

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 17, 2018

Central Bank of Germany: Attempts to Regulate Bitcoin Must Be Global

As we get in the new year, more regulations are starting to appear for the cryptocurrency world. According to Reuters, a director of the Central Bank of Germany said on Monday that attempts to regulate Bitcoin must be on a global scale. National and regional rules would be hard to enforce on a virtual, borderless community.

Gabriela by Jan 5, 2018

Breaking news: Visa Ends Partnership with Debit Card Issuer WaveCrest

It has come to our attention, that one of the world’s largest payment processor and card issuer VISA, has halted payments to cards, issued by their previous partner WaveCrest. A little bit of background To serve their customers globally, VISA worked  with multiple partners to distribute their card to more locations. WaveCrest were VISA’s most […]