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Avatar by Jun 19, 2019

A Break Down of Ripple, Potential Price Reduction

The world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges generate $3 million of daily profit. Annual revenue of the exchanges reaches billions of dollars based on daily trading volume and fees listed.

Avatar by May 2, 2019

Tap n Go brings cryptocurrency to the high street

With Tap n Go (Tap) users will now be able to get instant access to crypto trading and banking. All assets can be instantly converted to

Ian Karamanov by Apr 28, 2019

The Growth in Crypto Betting

The Growth In Crypto Betting Since they were first introduced into the world, cryptocurrencies have become very popular in the online payment world. While some sites allow for cryptocurrencies to be used to purchase items from their stores, online casinos and betting sites have started allowing people to deposit funds using these currencies. Here, we […]

Avatar by Jan 7, 2019

The Difference between a Centralized and a Decentralized Exchange

The great majority of cryptocurrency trades are still centralized. However, there are also decentralized exchanges. What is the difference between them? Let’s find out.

Avatar by Jun 14, 2018

Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Blockchain Changes the Way We Manufacture

In the world of manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are game changers. If we also bring Blockchain to the table, the possibilities are endless.

Avatar by Jun 14, 2018

Cashout in 6 seconds: ORCA Solution for Instant Crypto to Euro Withdrawals Will Cure Headaches for Crypto Users

Want to cash out Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies from an exchange instantly without paying ridiculous fees? ORCA can help you. The passage linking cryptocurrencies together regular finance is being laid.

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