by Feb 25, 2019

Number One Blockchain by 2020: NEO’s Founder Speaks Boldly

In order to become the number one blockchain, NEO must show some remarkable progress. Da Hongfei however, believes that his project can achieve this feat by

by Feb 1, 2018

NEO Stronger as More ICOs Join its Network

Founded in 2014, NEO ascended to Github in 2015 as a real-time, open-source, blockchain-based ecosystem. NEO’s first development conference will take place on January 30-31 in San Francisco, USA. Since its creation, NEO has experienced the upsurge and boom of the blockchain industry, making it one of the cryptocurrencies that continue to cause a ripple […]

by Jan 30, 2018

NEO Gas Surges Amid Cryptocurrency Market Bearish Sentiment

The cryptocurrency market is surrounded by a bearish sentiment that most of the cryptocurrencies are feeling. But NEO Gas token is one of the currencies that is experiencing the biggest increase. At the moment of writing this article, GAS is registering an increase of 23.29% and NEO 1,09%.

by Jan 20, 2018

NEO Beginner’s Guide – Everything What You Need to Know

We have been hearing about different cryptocurrencies in the last weeks and months. We have been writing about Tron, Stellar, Cardano and IOTA. But we haven’t talked about one interesting cryptocurrency and blockchain named NEO. NEO calls itself ‘an open network for smart economy’. Let’s have a look at what this Cryptocurrency has to offer.

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