Avatar by Mar 1, 2018

Top 5 best Security and Privacy Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies in general offer many benefits compared to fiat currencies. Cryptocurrencies are mostly decentralized which provides security and privacy features for the users. However some offer an advanced version of these security features like being untraceable, anonymity and total privacy.

Avatar by Jan 29, 2018

Cryptojacking: Crypto Mining Malware Affected YouTube and 55% of Worldwide Businesses

‘Cryptojacking’, the term used to describe an invasive method to mine cryptocurrencies. The hacker uses a software hidden in different webpages and it consumes CPU power from the victims. The CPU power of all the victims together can be used to mine cryptocurrencies like Monero.

Avatar by Jan 20, 2018

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies: The Cool Kids of Crypto in 2018

From something familiar only to techies it came to be the hottest topic in business and personal finance for 2017. All this hype got newcomers, like myself, feeling like we simply missed the train. Like we were just late to the party and the fun was well over.

Avatar by Oct 31, 2017

CoinHive Injections: What They are and How to Avoid Them

Coinhive is a software that can be installed in any website in order to earn Monero tokens. Using a JavaCript miner for the Monero Blockchain, users visiting a website can mine with the excess of CPU power. In this way, the webpage would not have to rely anymore in ad revenue to maintain the site.

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