by Nov 29, 2019

Privacy Coins Are The Best Against Government Spying

We’ve reached the part where government spying is something almost everyone is aware of, but cannot do anything about. Privacy coins however, offer average

by Aug 19, 2019

Smominru: Monero Malware Now Goes After User Data

The XMR malware known as Smominru has received a recent upgrade which allows it to not only use infected computers to mine XMR, but to also go after

by Jun 25, 2019

LoudMiner Identified by ESET Researchers: Precautions

ESET researchers have recently identified a very unusual crypto stealth miner. The so-called LoudMiner seems to be using virtualization software to

by May 15, 2019

DAPS Coin Taking from the Competition and Adding Innovation

Privacy coins can turn to be of great value in the next bull run. With the recent bugs found in the Zerocoin protocol, DAPS coin aims to take its spot as

by May 2, 2019

Shellbot Malware Reborn: A New Upgrade Destroys Competition

The prospect about new malware is always frightening. The Shellbot malware however, took a step towards the past in order to pose a thread in the future.

by Mar 14, 2019

Cryptojacking End: What comes Next Will Most Likely be Worse

With the official closure of Coinhive, everyone believes the cryptojacking end has come. The real situation however, will prove to be a little bit different

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