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Avatar by Sep 19, 2018

How much did ASIC really impact crypto mining and Ethereum’s Constantinople?

With the emergence of Ethereum ASIC miners, many miners stated their intention to move over to other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum’s Constantinople seeks to resolve these questions…

Avatar by Aug 31, 2018

Bitcoin’s Largest Mining Pool Announces Introduction Of Ethereum Mining, throne mining pool that has been responsible for 21% of all the Bitcoins that were mined in the year 2017 alone has this week announced that it will start adding Ethereum (ETC) to the coins available for mining

Ian Karamanov by Aug 21, 2018

NVIDIA Sales Hit Rock Bottom: Is Casual Crypto Mining Dead?

Nvidia sales have been projected for a long time to drastically decline. This information turned out to be more than true in the latest CFO

Avatar by Aug 8, 2018

Ciudad del Este Is Now Home of Important Crypto Mining Farms

Due to the fact that the city has low energy prices and no problems to import technological products, Ciudad del Este is now home of important cryptocurrency mining farms. In the past the city hosted centres of counterfeited goods, but now it is moving towards the new technologies.

Avatar by Jul 19, 2018

Change.Org Launches Monero Mining App To Raise Funds

The platform which has earned the name of being the world’s largest social petitioner,, is finally entering the crypto space – and it’s mining Monero

Avatar by Jul 10, 2018

Miners and Hashes and Blocks, Oh My! A Crypto Mining Guide

Cryptocurrencies, Miners and mining are confusing at best and damn near impossible to comprehend at worst.