by Nov 13, 2019

Facebook Pay is Official: Libra’s Regulatory Struggles Are Irrelevant

Facebook Pay will soon allow clients across all Facebook platforms to easily make in-game purchases, support fundraisers and exchange funds between

by Oct 25, 2019

Twitter Will Never Have Anything to do with Libra – Jack Dorsey

It seems that the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, is avoiding Facebook’s stablecoin project like the pleague. According to him, there is absolutely no way for

by Oct 23, 2019

Zuckerberg to Appear Before Congress Later Today: Libra’s Future

Mark Zuckerberg will be appearing before Congress later today to discuss Facebook and its impact on the financial services and housing sector

by Oct 21, 2019

National Currency-Pegged Stablecoins Are an Option for Libra

A national currency-pegged stablecoin might just be the solution Libra needs to address the countless regulatory concerns which led to the mass exodus

by Oct 16, 2019

Chinese Monopoly is a Real Possibility if Libra Fails to Launch

It’s come to the point where a mega corporation that wants to establish global dominance is the only alternative to a Chinese monopoly in the developing

by Oct 14, 2019

The G7 has Spoken: Global Stablecoins a Threat to the Financial System

According to the G7 global stablecoins are a threat which has the potential to escalate and become a serious threat to the entire global financial structure

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