by Apr 19, 2019

Going Broke was Inevitable for Musk. He Risked Everything to Win

When going broke seemed inevitable, Elon Musk managed to make it through what he calls “the worst period of his life” and join the billionaire club by

by May 31, 2018

CryptoConf 2018 Businesstorm: Speakers’ blockchain interview Part 2

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by May 30, 2018

CryptoConf 2018 Businesstorm speakers interviews: Pascal Tallarida and Orlin Benov

Pascal Tallarida is the Founder and CEO of Jarvis Edge. He is a Fintech Entrepreneur, Senior Forex Trader, Blockchain Expert, Decentralized Economy Enthusiast and an International Speaker at Fintech and Blockchain conferences.

by Feb 6, 2018

AgroTechFarm ICO: Go Organic with the ATF Homegrower

AgroTechFarm CEO Ilya Tsigvintsev has a personal connection to the ATF Homegrowers. For him developing the appliance is more of a personal struggle than a business venture. Due to health conditions organic food was for him is not a caprice but medication. Here is his story! Organic food: the better medication Ilya was not of […]

by Jan 24, 2018

Well ICO – Democratizing the Access to Healthcare + Interview With Founder

Well is the healthcare platform that allows patients with healthcare professionals using Blockchain technology. Well reduces the professional’s cost (including billing and back office personal) and allows patients to have an easier access to healthcare services. In this way, Well aims to democratize the access to healthcare, all over the world. 

by Dec 28, 2017

Interview with Cointed Executives

Since 2014 Cointed has transformed from a small start up to a mature company with diverse businesses. How did they do it? Learn straight from the people who made it possible! How it all started? “We want to offer the customers a solution for every problem in the crypto sphere”-Wolfgang Thaler In the beginning of […]

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