International News

International News

Interational News: The world is becoming more interconnected than ever before. With the rapid globalization and technological advancements, international news travel around the world for seconds. The Internet made the first step, connecting the whole world. Now it’s time for Blockchain technology to continue the mission. Blockchain Technology surely has the power to do that and big companies have already figured it out. Every week there is a new big corporation that is starting to invest in Blockchain or has started to hire Blockchain experts. In this section, we will keep you informed about what is happening around the world with the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Ian Karamanov by May 14, 2019

Console Wars: Sony’s Dominance Will be Tested Next Round

PS 4 has been dominating the console market for the last few years. Microsoft however, is going on the offensive for the next round of the console wars

Ian Karamanov by Apr 30, 2019

BYD Auto Great Q1: Tesla’s Rivals are Growing in Strength and Numbers

Electric car manufacturers are starting to pop up everywhere, especially in China. BYD Auto is one of the main contenders to take a large piece of

Ian Karamanov by Apr 19, 2019

Going Broke was Inevitable for Musk. He Risked Everything to Win

When going broke seemed inevitable, Elon Musk managed to make it through what he calls “the worst period of his life” and join the billionaire club by

Ian Karamanov by Apr 16, 2019

Great Firewall of Russia Voted in by the Parliament: Implications

More censorship is never good. Unfortunately, the Russian government is moving forward with its own version of the Great Firewall which will inevitably

Ian Karamanov by Apr 15, 2019

Robotics to Help Replace Amazon Workers: Bezos’ Insolence

There is something very wrong when one of the world’s richest men lies to his own workers while actively planning to use robotics to replace them.

Ian Karamanov by Apr 11, 2019

Boring Company Will be Used by Netanyahu and Musk to Help Israel

Israel’s infrastructure problem isn’t going anywhere. The now victorious Prime Minister, has already discussed to use Musk’s Boring Company to help solve