International News

International News

Interational News: The world is becoming more interconnected than ever before. With the rapid globalization and technological advancements, international news travel around the world for seconds. The Internet made the first step, connecting the whole world. Now it’s time for Blockchain technology to continue the mission. Blockchain Technology surely has the power to do that and big companies have already figured it out. Every week there is a new big corporation that is starting to invest in Blockchain or has started to hire Blockchain experts. In this section, we will keep you informed about what is happening around the world with the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

by Nov 1, 2019

Returning to China: Binance Office Rumored to be Opening in Beijing

According to unconfirmed information, Binance is returning to China and opening a new office in Beijing. Many Binance employees have been noticed to

by Oct 25, 2019

Anti-Money Laundering Doesn’t Work According to Silk Road Prosecutor

According to Andreesen Horowitz, all the current methods against money laundering are completely usless. It seems that the actual percentage of laundered

by Oct 22, 2019

Money Printing Hasn’t Stopped: Sleepwalking Towards A New Crisis

It seems that the Federal Reserved has turned the money printing machines into overdrive and has quietly printed more than $150 billion dollars in less than

by Oct 18, 2019

Cointelegraph Ban Enforced in Russia: No Explanation by Roskomnadzor

The recently confirmed Cointelegraph ban by Roskomnadzor has received no explanation or justification. For quite a while now, Russian citizens have proteste

by Sep 30, 2019

North Korean Cryptocurrency Rumored to be In Initial Stages

According to the most recent information, a North Korean cryptocurrency is very likely to surface in the near future. Reportedly, the Asian country already

by Sep 24, 2019

Full Shutdown for Kik: Legal Battle with the SEC Over ICO

The legal dispute between Kik and the SEC has resulted in the Canadian startup’s full shutdown. The chat app will be closing down and just a few employees

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