Initial Coin Offering

Kaia by Oct 20, 2017

ICO: DropDeck – the Initial Coin Offering

DropDeck provides a superior, less costly and less distracting funding alternative than a token sale for the majority of fundraising startups & SMEs that are not suitable to issue token nor run a token sale campaign.

Alex by Oct 19, 2017

ExHasta’s Pre-Sale launches in 24 hours

ExHasta is a digital platform that uses blockchain to fund development of Moonshot projects (game-changing projects, like Elon Musk’s Hyperloop). It also distributes the intellectual property (patents, hardware specs, and all processes involved) to innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses; and trains them to use it. And you can invest in them now.

Alex by Oct 18, 2017

Cointed Token ICO – starts in 24 hours

The established crypto company Cointed Ltd. will start its own ICO on 20.10.2017 to
collect an extra budget of 120 million Dollars. The goal of this project is to further
accelerate the global expansion of the company.

Kaia by Oct 18, 2017

ICO: Cointed – the Initial Coin Offering

Cointed is building a bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the real world.
Even though cryptocurrencies have brought a whole new dimension in creating
value, consumers regularly face the same problem: how can I easily change my
cryptocurrencies into fiat currency?

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 13, 2017

ICO: indaHash – The Initial Coin Offering

indaHash provides brands and companies with an easy way to contact influencers in order to create authentic, original and professional campaigns. It is a link between enterprises that want to reach a specific audience, and influencers, that would be the intermediary between them. indaHash, with this ICO, tries to tokenize the influencer industry. As it […]

Kaia by Oct 13, 2017

ICO: indaHash – the Initial Coin Offering

indaHash’s mission is to tokenize the entire influencer industry and to solve major issues between brands, influencers and their audiences.

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