Initial Coin Offering

Gabriela by Dec 15, 2017

Cointed Crypto Card Giveaway: Winners announcement

This week from Dec 07  to Dec 14 Cointed held a crypto debit card giveaway. All contributors to the ICO in the timeframe from 07-14. Dec with a synced email address were eligible for the giveaway. How were the winners chosen? The team looked at all those who contributed during the given timeframe and summed […]

Kaia by Dec 12, 2017

ICO: HOQU – the Initial Coin Offering

HOQU is a decentralized affiliate platform combining the performance-marketing model with blockchain technology. The aim of the project is to create a decentralized ecosystem, which will be used to build CPA services, ranging from affiliate programs to affiliate networks and related products.

Gabriela by Dec 12, 2017

TAS Group and Cointed Crypto Debit Card: The Future of Money Today

The Italian giant TAS Group and the Austrian start-up that has made a name as leading Bitcoin ATM provider are teaming up to deliver a crypto debit card. It will allow clients to quickly and easily exchange from crypto into fiat or vice versa on any Cointed ATM, as well as making payments to selected […]

Pascal Huegli by Dec 10, 2017

Initial Coin Offering – for rebels

A new financing option for start-ups is making the rounds: The Initial Coin Offering. Everything you need: an idea, a token and good marketing.

Gabriela by Dec 8, 2017

Company Portrait: Cointed

Cointed is a start-up founded in 2014 with a versatile business model and a diverse team. Their aim is to become one of the first full-fledged financial solutions provider in the crypto industry. What is Cointed? Founded back in 2014, before cryptocurrencies hit the main street, Cointed is among the first players in the digital […]

Kaia by Dec 6, 2017

ICO: Gameflip – the Initial Coin Offering

The FLIP crypto token (FLP) is backed by (a leading global gaming marketplace w/ over 2 million gamers) and $10M+ raised from Silicon Valley VCs.

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