Initial Coin Offering

Carlos Terenzi by Mar 22, 2018

Conn3x – The Decentralized Job Marketplace

Conn3x wants to become the leading company in the job marketplace. The innovation that Conn3x presents is that it will use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence systems. The company claims to have improved the payment and search processes.

Kaia by Mar 22, 2018

ICO: Conn3x – the Initial Coin Offering

Conn3x strives to be the leading company in the job marketplace thanks to latest blockchain technology and the usage of AI module, similar to Siri (Apple) or Alexa (Amazon).

Peio Purlev by Mar 21, 2018

Is Telegram Initial Coin Offering overvalued or a Great Investment

Telegram’s Initial Coin Offering is much anticipated and is the biggest ICO for 2018 so far. Many analysts have reported that Telegram’s cryptocurrency TON can achieve a 200$ billion market cap in five years. 200$ billion market cap could mean that TON will be in the top 5 in the next years.

Carlos Terenzi by Mar 19, 2018

Gifcoin – The Cryptocurrency for The Online Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry is one of the top three most profitable industries online and it has a bright future ahead. It is expected to reach 1 trillion dollars’ market capitalization in 2021. But the industry is not fully integrated with cryptocurrencies.

Tony Oreso by Mar 19, 2018

Keep a Level Eye: Top 5 Characteristics of Scam ICOs

Much as crowdfunding can enable project owners to put their dreams into reality, these projects have become so common that a week barely passes without launching a new ICO. It becomes increasingly difficult to separate genuine projects from scam ICOs.

Kaia by Mar 17, 2018

ICO: FTEC – the Initial Coin Offering

FTEC already have currently running projects based on algorithms for automatic trading on cryptomarkets, they gave us a great and valuable experience and therefore we moved on to ful ll more ambitious goals.