Ian Karamanov by Sep 18, 2018

Indian Websites Targeted by Cryptojacking: Huge Increase in Malware Infections

Indian websites have recently become victims of large-scale malware infections. This is a far more serious problem that it appears and it’s not limited to India

Ian Karamanov by Aug 9, 2018

India Blockchain Platform to Help Establish India’s First Blockchain District

The India Blockchain community has seen heavy regulation by the government and many startups have moved abroad. This is all about to change

Peio Purlev by Jul 18, 2018

Ripple in India! Ripple wants to become the dominant Cryptocurrency in India

Ripple is trying to become the dominant Cryptocurrency in India and they are aiming to take over more than 50% of India’s financial and monetary sector…

Carlos Terenzi by Jul 13, 2018

LendLedger Review – A Connection Between Lenders and Digital Data

In many emerging markets it is difficult for sole proprietors and small businesses to acquire loans to expand their businesses. According to a study conducted by the World Bank, 42% of Indian adults borrowed money during the last year, but just 7% did it with traditional financial institutions and formal lenders.

Peio Purlev by Jul 4, 2018

Indian Supreme Court: Crypto Ban will stay. What does it mean for India?

The Supreme Court in India decided against lifting the ban on banking services for cryptocurren exchanges and investors. Not only Indian exchanges can’t use the services, but also Indian investors that…

Steve Kaaru by Jun 23, 2018

India Launching A Governance Blockchain Platform

India plans to launch what will be the largest blockchain implementation in governance in the world. The idea was suggested by the country’s main think-tank NITI Aayog and is set to disrupt how the Indian government operates. The blockchain technology has the potential to reduce fraud, speed up enforcement of contracts, increase transparency of transactions, […]