Avatar by Mar 30, 2018

Can Blockchain Technology End Global Corruption?

Corruption is a deeply entrenched vice in many countries worldwide. It has become a nagging threat to government and international security. However, blockchain technology has the potential to bring the activity to a minimum.

Avatar by Mar 28, 2018

Shitcoin of the Week: Tron

If you’ve been in crypto for more than a few months, you’re probably already sick of hearing about Tronix: the up-and-comingest new fad money in a market already bloated with Fidget Spinners and Harlem Shakes.

Avatar by Mar 26, 2018

China-Banned “Binance” Finds Refuge On Island Of Malta

The island of Malta, as small as it is, happens to be even more daring in action than its land size. Its government has recently approved for cryptocurrency and blockchain firm, Binance, to operate legally within its borders.

Avatar by Mar 25, 2018

Binance, FUD, Increasing Volumes and more. Price Analysis 25 March

The week started though with huge volumes of selling and major support levels breaking that brought Bitcoin’s price below 7500$ on Sunday. After a though start to the week the market has started to stabilize and recover. Last week massive selling overwhelmed the markets and most cryptocurrencies reached record lows for a brief period of time.

Avatar by Mar 23, 2018

Why are Quantum Computers a big Problem for Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptography is the key staple of cryptocurrencies. It is the underlying principle behind blockchain technology that makes the technology extremely secure. There are several cryptographic technologies that make up the essence of cryptocurrencies. But what will happen if this staple cryptocurrency feature falls apart?

Avatar by Mar 19, 2018

Once you start an avalance there is no way to stop it. Price Analysis March

Last week we saw huge volumes of selling and major support levels breaking. Most cryptocurrencies reached record lows with massive selling taking place. Price analysis shows that the huge amounts of selling overwhelmed the markets and key support levels were broken. The prices of cryptocurrencies quickly plummeted but have managed to recover a bit since then.