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Cryptocurrency News Recap #11, 2018

Latest Cryptocurrency news. This is the 11th weekly recap of 2018. We summarize the most important happenings and developments in the crypto world. Save yourself time by reading only the most important news and never again miss any important news.

Avatar by Mar 15, 2018

Google is cracking down on Cryptocurrency-related Advertising

Google will ban all advertisements for cryptocurrency-related content, including Bitcoin, Initial Coin Offerings, trading advice and wallets. The company will no longer allow ads about these and more cryptocurrency-related topics as they want to “combat new threats and improve the ads experience online”. All cryptocurrency content will be banned across any of Google’s ad platforms.

Avatar by Mar 14, 2018

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: A CoinStaker Guide to Crypto’s Ugly Breakup

Online communities tend to go to war over minor differences. Captain Kirk or Captain Picard. Edward versus Jacob. Becca or Lauren. Last year, the cryptocurrency community reached a new milestone with its own civil war: the family squabble between Bitcoin and its largest offshoot, Bitcoin Cash. The quarrel is bewildering, especially for newcomers. Both sides […]

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Inverse Head and Shoulders. Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis for March

It looks like the market is preparing for a big bull run. There are some indicators of a bull phase in its earliest stage. The prices will recover as usual but only time will tell if a big bull run is about to impact the markets. In this price analysis you will see a beautiful inverse head and shoulders graph that signals an uptrend.

Avatar by Mar 12, 2018

Microsoft Has Blocked Over 400,000 Cryptojacking Attacks

Microsoft has been able to block more than 400,000 attempts of cryptojacking in just 12 hours. The information has been released by Microsoft on a blog post on March 7 in which they explain how the events occurred.