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What are the Differences between Coins and Tokens?

In this guide we will explore the differences between Coins and Tokens, why the differences matter and some statistical data around the current best Coins and Tokens, rated by market capitalization.

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It’s a Bears Market. What is a Bears Market? Cryptocurrency Price Analysis

The market turns into a Bears Market when prices fall, due to fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), also pessimism and extreme hold of assets. When a market…

Ian Karamanov by Jun 15, 2018

South Korea to Follow Switzerland in Opening up a Crypto City

Switzerland has always been the global financial innovator. It comes as no surprise that they have their own Crypto City. South Korea has decided to follow.

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Who Owns Bitcoin? As Answered By Brad Garlinghouse

There was a time when Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin and pioneer of cryptocurrencies was a seen as the owner of Bitcoin. But lately another question has been raised after his absence, and that is “who owns Bitcoin now?”.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 12, 2018

The Possibilities for Cryptocurrencies in the Event of a Market Crash

The market crash has investors sweating buckets. With cryptocurrencies in the game now, the rules have changed dramatically.

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Why are people so hyped about EOS and EOSIO? Is EOS Ethereum’s biggest competition

Block.one finally started launching version 1.0 of their open-source blockchain protocol – EOSIO. EOSIO is a platform and an ecosystem that will allow developers to build applications for commercial and corporate use cases. The project is more than anticipated, as cryptocurrency enthusiast have invested in…