by Aug 29, 2018

J.P. Morgan Chase: Blockchain is one of our main innovation focuses

The financial giant, J.P. Morgan Chase announced recently that blockchain technology is one of the main three focuses of their firm. J.P Morgan Chase will..

by Aug 27, 2018

Aviation Industry will Save Billions Thanks to Blockchain Adaptations

The aviation industry has a big need for modernization. Blockchain provided all the essential solutions for cost-efficiency, security and time spending

by Aug 24, 2018

Token Destruction: A new Strategy that counters Token Inflation

Over the course of time, many governments and banks were forced to destroy their own currency. Token destruction is now happening in some ICO’s

by Aug 23, 2018

Crypto Exchanges: How do they always manage to win?

Crypto Exchanges have gotten incredibly popular and are a must for new projects who want to make it in today’s rough market.

by Aug 23, 2018

Blockchain Ratings from China: Bitcoin is Not Doing So Well

Blockchain ratings from China are always a pleasure to see. Sure, they put a little too much hype on EOS, but no one can really blame them

by Aug 22, 2018

Petro backed Bolivar: For better or for worse, a historical moment for Venezuela

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro made an announcement about a Petro backed Bolivar, but these radical changes weren’t official. Many doubted this…

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