Ian Karamanov by Jul 23, 2018

Millionaires Using Bitcoin to buy Real Estate Overseas

Millionaires are leaving their home countries behind in search of less restrictions, obstacles, regulations and more innovations and freedoms.

Avatar by Jul 20, 2018

Online Casinos and Bitcoin Casinos are massively popular in the UK

Online Casinos: Paying with Cryptocurrencies is nearly the most secure payment method in the world. Cryptocurrencies are the most disruptive financial…

Ian Karamanov by Jul 20, 2018

Trump’s Stance on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

Trump’s views on cryptocurrencies and blockchain remain unclear. Some ex-members of his administration have strong views on the subject.

Avatar by Jul 19, 2018

South Africa is the country that searches for Bitcoin the most, according to Google

Cryptocurrencies are really popular in Africa, especially in South Africa. South Africa has the highest Cryptocurrency adoption of all African countries…

Avatar by Jul 18, 2018

Ripple in India! Ripple wants to become the dominant Cryptocurrency in India

Ripple is trying to become the dominant Cryptocurrency in India and they are aiming to take over more than 50% of India’s financial and monetary sector…

Avatar by Jul 17, 2018

A bright future for fintech in Africa! Cryptocurrency industry is the fastest growing

A study conducted by Weetracker, shows a broad perspective of the Cryptocurrency industry, Blockchain Startups and fintech in Africa. The Cryptocurrency industry is flourishing in Africa…