Ian Karamanov by Oct 5, 2018

CloudFlare with a New Project: Bypassing the HTTP Network?

CloudFlare’s new and exciting project can allow users to bypass the HTTP network. The company is taking a big step towards Internet decentralziation

Ian Karamanov by Oct 3, 2018

GBTC Facing an 80% Share Price Decline for 10 Months

GTBC is not having the best 10 months. The trust has seen heavy losses in the last 10 months. Experts believe the losses could have been far less if

Ian Karamanov by Oct 2, 2018

ShapeShift Easily Shuts Down Accusations About Money Laundering

ShapeShift is one of the most transparent crypto exchanges out there. So many people were shocked when it was recently accused of money laundering

Ian Karamanov by Sep 28, 2018

Prospectus of Bitmain Shows Interesting Data After the Company Filed for an IPO

Bitmain’s recent application for an IPO has brought much much discussion. The prospectus shares information on the company’s resources and its potential

Ian Karamanov by Sep 25, 2018

Big Cash Outs: Analysis Shows Opportunities Will Keep on Coming

Every investor and individual user is waiting for the big cash outs. Long-time holders have much to gain according to a new analysis

Avatar by Sep 20, 2018

ICOs are a disruption to the financial order, states China’s Central Bank

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) had a great 2017, but 2018 is starting to look rough. China’s Central bank has issued a public statement reminding investors..