Ian Karamanov by Aug 7, 2018

World Governments and How They Defined Cryptocurrencies

Governments have defined cryptocurrencies in many different ways. Their many and unique qualities make them nearly impossible to define.

Carlos Terenzi by Aug 7, 2018

Buenos Aires and Bogota Among the Top 10 Crypto-Related Cities in the World

There are different cities all over the world that are very cryptocurrency friendly. But the surprising thing is that there are two Latin American capitals in the top 10, Buenos Aires and Bogotá.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Aug 6, 2018

The IMF May Just Be Helping In The Adoption Of Ripple And Bitcoin

The major difficulty at the moment is not announcing Ripple as a security, but if Ripple’s technology could be officially used for securities, commodities, stocks, and bonds, – and whether Ripple’s technology can transform the world’s transactions.

Ian Karamanov by Aug 3, 2018

Financial Crises. How can Blockchain Technology Prevent Them?

Financial Crises have unfortunately been a common occurence. It seems like we never really learn anything, patch things up quickly and wait for the next one

Ian Karamanov by Aug 2, 2018

Ripple joins Madonna’s Campaign in Helping the Orphans of Malawi

Malawi is one of the many developing countries in dire need of aid. Madonna and Ripple are teaming up to help the country’s orphans.

Carlos Terenzi by Aug 2, 2018

Bank of Spain: Government-Backed Cryptocurrencies Could Improve Monetary Policy

According to a study conducted by the Bank of Spain, digital currencies could improve monetary policy from different countries. Of course, this is not a recommendation to adopt virtual currencies, but instead it warns about the risks associated with these assets.