Ian Karamanov by Sep 17, 2018

Brave: The Browser, That Openly Goes Against Google on User Privacy

Brave is really standing up to it’s name. The new browser is going all out against the giant Google on the issue of user privacy

Avatar by Sep 17, 2018

Cryptic Labs appoints Nobel Prize Laureates to their Economics Advisory board

Cryptic Labs, a research lab focused on blockchain technology, appointed new and experienced additions to their team. They have appointed two Noble Prize economics laureates…

Ian Karamanov by Sep 12, 2018

Large-Scale Mining Is Profitable: Millions to be Made with Big Investments

Large-scale mining has is the only profitable form of mining nowadays. A huge investment can turn into a huge profit with the right conditions

Avatar by Sep 11, 2018

Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong: Millions will use Cryptocurrencies

Brian Armstrong thinks that digital currencies will grow substantially, while attributing growth to commercial organizations with their own tokens. These…

Ian Karamanov by Sep 10, 2018

Submarine Swap: A New Lightning Network Innovation

The lightning network is still relatively new. The prospects which it presents, like the submarine swap, can change transactions overnight

Ian Karamanov by Sep 7, 2018

Inflation Today, Widespread Cryptocurrency Adoption Tomorrow: The Possibilities

Inflation today is a serious issue for many countries. Every problem however, has a solution and presents an opportunity for tomorrow