by Nov 7, 2019

Sophia The Robot Asked About Crypto: No Skynet References This Time

Sophia the robot became an overnight sensation a few years ago when it stated that it would destroy all of humanity and that machines are vastly superior

by Nov 4, 2019

United States National Debt: 23 Trillion Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

The United States national debt has been growing rapidly. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to figure out that the current quantitative easing strategy

by Oct 31, 2019

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Officially Hit the $1 Billion Milestone

Bitcoin transaction fees have officilally surpassed the $1 billion cumulative milestone. If the data takes into account the actual bitcoin price, that

by Oct 30, 2019

Shhhgit Will Scan GitHub Code Repository for Private Crypto Keys

The new app shhhgit will be used to scan GitHub for private crypto keys. After the Capital One hack, many security experts seem to unanimously agree that

by Oct 28, 2019

Rapid Recovery for Bitcoin: Volatile Week with Good Ending

The week did not start very promising for bitcoin but a very rapid recovery followed the announcement of Chinese President Xi Jingping, which ultimately

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