Ian Karamanov by Mar 15, 2019

New Ethereum Hope with Highly Optimistic Future Outlook

The prolonged bear market has managed to crush many spirits. Joseph Lubin however, believes that new ethereum projects and better scaling will inevitably

Ian Karamanov by Mar 12, 2019

Longest Bull Run in History: The Possible Gains and Future Implications

After the biggest crisis in modern financial history, came the time for economic growth. What followed however, was the longest bull run in history

Ian Karamanov by Mar 11, 2019

Samsung Pay to Integrate Cryptocurrencies With the Blockchain Wallet

With the new Blockchain Wallet, cryptocurrencies will be closer than ever to the average user. Samsung Pay stands to gain a lot of new customers from

Ian Karamanov by Mar 7, 2019

AI Companies Don’t Actually Use Any AI Technology

According to a recent survey, most AI companies are working with AI in name only. Roughly 40% of the new startups who claim to work with AI technology

Ian Karamanov by Mar 6, 2019

2FA on Facebook: So Many People are Willingly Scammed

The two-factor authentication (2FA) on Facebook is way more than meets the eye. Unfortunately people’s phone numbers which are posted on Facebook can be

Ian Karamanov by Mar 5, 2019

Cryptopia Security Issues Still Present. Reopening Delayed Shortly

After the attack in January, the Cryptopia security team is hard at work optimizing the system against further breaches. Small issues have managed to delay the